CMPSCI 250: Introduction to Computation

David Mix Barrington

Spring, 2012

Lecture Notes

Lectures are prepared in Apple Keynote (.key files) and are given here as .pdf files. The links here will be dead until I put the files there -- I hope to do this a few days before the lecture is given but in the worst case it may be the night before. This schedule may be adjusted due to weather cancellations or other changes in the syllabus.

  1. Introduction: PropCalc (22 Jan) (.key) (.pdf)
  2. Propositional Equivalences (24 Jan) (.key) (.pdf)
  3. Set and Functions (29 Jan) (.key) (.pdf)
  4. Cardinality of Finite Sets (31 Jan) (.key) (.pdf)
  5. Modular Arithmetic (5 Feb) (.key) (.pdf)
  6. Euclid's Algorithms (7 Feb) (.key) (.pdf)
  7. Chinese Remainder Theorem (12 Feb) (.key) (.pdf)
  8. Euler's Phi Function and Cryptography (14 Feb) (.key) (.pdf)
  9. Predicates and Quantifiers (26 Feb) (.key) (.pdf)
  10. Rules of Inference (28 Feb) (.key) (.pdf)
  11. Proofs and Proof Methods (5 Mar) (.key) (.pdf)
  12. Mathematical Induction (7 Mar) (.key) (.pdf)
  13. More Mathematical Induction (12 Mar) (.key) (.pdf)
  14. Still More Mathematical Induction (14 Mar) (.key) (.pdf)
  15. Walks on Graphs (26 Mar) (.key) (.pdf)
  16. Connectivity in Graphs and Digraphs (28 Mar) (.key) (.pdf)
  17. Trees and Acyclic Graphs (2 Apr) (.key) (.pdf)
  18. Searching on Graphs (9 Apr) (.key) (.pdf)
  19. DFA's and NFA's (11 Apr) (.key) (.pdf)
  20. The Subset Construction (16 Apr) (.key) (.pdf)
  21. Non-Regular Languages and the Myhill-Nerode Theorem (18 Apr) (.key) (.pdf)
  22. Regular Expressions (23 Apr) (.key) (.pdf)
  23. Kleene's Theorem (25 Apr) (.key) (.pdf)
  24. Summary and Review (30 Apr) (.key) (.pdf)

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