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This semester of the UMass Machine Learning and Friends Lunch (MLFL) series has been graciously sponsored by our friends at Oracle Labs. MLFL is a lively and interactive forum held weekly where friends of the UMass Amherst machine learning community can sit down, have lunch, and give or hear a 50-minute presentation on recent machine learning research.

What is it?A gathering of students/faculty/staff with broad interest in the methods and applications of machine learning.
When is it?Thursdays 12:00pm to 1:00pm, unless otherwise noted. Arrive at 11:45 to get pizza.
Where is it?CS150
Who is invited?Everyone is welcome.
Is there food?Yes! Pizza is provided.
Can I present?Yes! If you would like to present your research, please email one of the organizers: Ari Kobren, Rajarshi Das, Li Yang Ku, Hang Su, Samer Nashed, John Lalor, and Aruni Roy Chowdhury
Who generously sponsors this regular eventOracle Labs

Spring 2019 Speaker List

1/31/2019Sarah Adel BargalGrounding Deep Models of Visual Data Boston UniversityOracle Labs
2/07/2019Alane SuhrModeling and Learning Agents that Understand Language in Context Cornell UniversityOracle Labs
2/14/2019Patrick VergaNeural Knowledge Representation and Reasoning UMass, AmherstOracle Labs
2/21/2019Irene ChenWhy is my classifier discriminatory? MIT CSAILOracle Labs
2/28/2019Farhad Pourkamali AnarakiScalable and Robust Sparse Subspace Clustering UMass LowellOracle Labs
3/07/2019Alex GittensIntelligent Randomized Algorithms for the Low CP-Rank Tensor Approximation Problem Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteOracle Labs
3/28/2019Ishan MisraScaling Self-supervised Visual Representation Learning Facebook AI Research, NYOracle Labs
4/02/2019Swabha SwayampdiptaLearning Challenges in Natural Language Processing CMUOracle Labs
4/04/2019Alexander RushControllable Text Generation with Deep Latent-Variable Models Harvard UniversityOracle Labs
4/11/2019Christoph RiedlQuantifying Reputation and Success in Art Northeastern UniversityOracle Labs
4/18/2019Dylan FosterLogistic Regression: The Importance of Being Improper MITOracle Labs
4/25/2019Stephen RollerParlAI and Open-Domain Dialogue Research FAIR, NYOracle Labs

Fall 2018 Speaker List

9/13/2018Liping LiuEmbedding: Choose Right Relations to Embed TuftsOracle Labs
9/20/2018Maggie MakarSpread of contagions in the presence of latent spreaders: identifying hidden culprits and learning the probability of infection MITOracle Labs
9/27/2018Anna RogersWhat's in your embedding, and how it predicts task performance UMass LowellOracle Labs
10/4/2018Jun-Yan ZhuLearning to Generate Images MITOracle Labs
10/11/2018Fredrik JohanssonEstimating Causal Effects from High-Dimensional Observational Data MITOracle Labs
10/18/2018Noémie ElhadadPhenotyping Endometriosis through Mixed Membership Models of Self-Tracking Data Columbia UniversityOracle Labs
10/24/2018Ellie PavlickWhy should we care about linguistics? Brown UniversityOracle Labs
11/8/2018Subhro RoyTowards Natural Human Robot Communication MITOracle Labs
11/28/2018Alexandra OlteanuSocial Data: Biases, Methodological Pitfalls, and Social Good Applications Microsoft Research MontréalOracle Labs

Spring 2018 Speaker List

2/1/2018Graham NeubigWhat Can Neural Networks Teach us about Language? CMUOracle Labs
2/8/2018Bharath HariharanVisual recognition beyond large labeled training sets CornellOracle Labs
2/15/2018Adji DiengDeep Sequence Models: Context Representation, Regularization, and Application to Language ColumbiaOracle Labs
2/22/2018Joseph TassarottiHashing and Sketching for Latent Dirichlet-Categorical Models OracleOracle Labs
3/1/2018Yulia TsvetkovTBA CMUOracle Labs
3/8/2018Jerry LiMixture Models, Robustness, and Sum-of-Squares Proofs MITOracle Labs
3/22/2018Phil ThomasNew and Old Concentration Inequalities UMassOracle Labs
3/29/2018Maja RudolphExponential Family Embeddings ColumbiaOracle Labs
4/10/2018Maithra RaghuInsights from Deep Representations CornellOracle Labs
4/19/2018Daqing YiBridging probabilistic inference and motion planning with Markov Chain Monte Carlo UWOracle Labs
4/26/2018Peter YuRobot Perception for Manipulation MITOracle Labs

Fall 2017 Speaker List

9/7/2017Dean EcklesLearning from many experiments using regularized instrumental variable methods: Applications to peer effects in online networks MITOracle Labs
9/14/2017Pat FlahertyA Nonparametric Bayesian Model for Single-cell Variant CallingFlaherty LabUMassOracle Labs
9/21/2017Yogarshi VyasDetecting Asymmetric Semantic Relations in Context : A Case-Study on Hypernymy DetectionCLIP LabUMDOracle Labs
9/28/2017Nika HaghtalabOracle-efficient Online Learning and Applications to Auction Design CMUOracle Labs
10/5/2017Francesco OrabonaCoin Betting for Backprop without Learning Rates and More Stony BrookOracle Labs
10/12/2017Varun JampaniBilateral Neural Networks for Image, Video and 3D Vision NvidiaOracle Labs
10/20/2017 (Friday, 10am)Kyunghyun ChoDeep Learning, Where are you going? NYUOracle Labs
11/2/2017Beomjoon KimLearning to Guide Task and Motion Planning by Predicting Constraints MITOracle Labs
11/9/2017Lu WangWhat Makes a Good Argument: Understanding and Predicting High Quality Arguments Using NLP Methods NortheasternOracle Labs
11/16/2017Steven WuA Smoothed Analysis of the Greedy Algorithm for the Linear Contextual Bandit Problem MSROracle Labs
11/20/2017Claudia Pérez D’ArpinoLearning How to Plan for Multi-Step Manipulation in Collaborative Robotics MITOracle Labs
11/30/2017Rajesh RanganathBlack Box Variational Inference: Scalable, Generic Bayesian Computation and its Applications NYUOracle Labs

Spring 2017 Speaker List

1/19/2017Jeff FlaniganParsing and Generation for the Abstract Meaning Representation Carnegie MellonOracle Labs
2/2/2017Stephan MandtAdvances in scalable probabilistic modeling: theory, applications, and challenges Disney ResearchOracle Labs
2/9/2017Hao TangSequence Prediction with Neural Segmental Models Toyota Technical Institute at ChicagoOracle Labs
2/14/2017Tsendsuren MunkhdalaiLanguage Understanding and Reasoning with Memory Augmented Neural Networks UMass CICSOracle Labs
2/15/2017Naomi FitterExploring Human-Inspired Haptic Interaction Skills for Robots University of PennsylvaniaOracle Labs
2/23/2017Andrew TrappUsing Density to Identify Fixations in Gaze Data: Optimization-Based Formulations and Algorithms Worcester Polythechnic InstituteOracle Labs
3/23/2017David MoormanMaking Sense of Neuron Ensembles: Advances and Issues in Neural Coding UMass AmherstOracle Labs
3/30/2017Mikael HenaffTracking the World State with Recurrent Entity Networks New York UniversityOracle Labs
4/6/2017Robert KozmaComputational Aspects of Brain Dynamics: Experiments, Models, and New AI Approaches UMass AmherstOracle Labs
4/13/2017Sainbayar SukhbaatarIntrinsic Motivation and Automatic Curricula via Asymmetric Self-Play New York UniversityOracle Labs
4/20/2017Hari BalasubramanianModels based on longitudinal healthcare event data UMass AmherstOracle Labs
4/26/2017Tom WilliamsGenuine Helpers: Enabling natural language capabilities for interactive robots TuftsOracle Labs
5/4/2017Scott W. LindermanBayesian Learning and Inference in Recurrent Switching Linear Dynamical Systems Columbia UniversityOracle Labs
6/13/2017Qiang LiuA Stein Variational Framework for Deep Probabilistic Modeling Dartmouth CollegeOracle Labs

Fall 2016 Speaker List

9/15/2016Antoine BordesReasoning with Memory Networks: Successes and Challenges FacebookOracle Labs
9/16/2016Siva ReddyFreebase Semantic Parsing with and without QA pairs University of EdinburghOracle Labs
9/22/2016Thien Huu NguyenNeural Information Extraction with Memory New York UniversityOracle Labs
10/11/2016Chao ChenTopological Analysis of Modern Data City University of New YorkOracle Labs
10/13/2016Hugo LarochelleFighting our Big Data Addiction with Representation Learning Twitter CortexOracle Labs
10/20/2016Jiajun WuComputational Perception of Physical Object PropertiesCSAILMITOracle Labs
10/27/2016Chris KedzieReal-Time Web Scale Event Summarization Using Sequential Decision Making ColumbiaOracle Labs
11/3/2016Tianfan XueVisual Dynamics: Probabilistic Future Frame Synthesis via Cross Convolutional NetworksCSAILMITOracle Labs
11/10/2016Evan ShelhamerA Fuller Understanding of Fully Convolutional NetworksBVLCBerkeleyOracle Labs
11/10/2016Samantha KleinbergCausal Inference and Explanation to Improve Human Health Stevens Institute of TechnologyOracle Labs
11/17/2016Andreas ten PasGrasp Pose Detection in Dense Clutter NortheasternOracle Labs
11/30/2016 (3 pm)Mohit IyyerUnderstanding and Answering Questions about Creative LanguageCLIPUniversity of MarylandOracle Labs
12/1/2016Jayant KrishnamurthySemantic Parsing to Probabilistic Programs for Situated Question Answering AI2Oracle Labs
12/8/2016John LalorBuilding Evaluation Scales for NLP using Item Response Theory UMass CICSOracle Labs

Spring 2016 Speaker List

1/21/2016Karl StratosSpectral Learning of Lexical Representations in Natural Language Processing ColumbiaYahoo!
1/28/2016Arya MazumdarNeural Auto-associative Memory via Sparse Recovery UMass CSYahoo!
2/4/2016Edo LibertyOnline Data mining: PCA and K-Means Yahoo!Yahoo!
2/19/2016Manuela Veloso[Robotics-MLFL] Robot Autonomy: Data Collection and Interaction with Humans CMUYahoo!
3/17/2016Rachel CummingsAdaptive Learning with Robust Generalization Guarantees  CaltechYahoo!
3/24/2016Manzil ZaheerExponential Stochastic Cellular Automata for Massively Parallel Inference CMUYahoo!
3/31/2016Hee-Tae JungLearning Performance Models for Post-Stroke Therapy from Demonstration UMass CSYahoo!
4/5/2016Waleed AmmarTowards universal analyzers of natural language CMUYahoo!
4/7/2016Robert ZinkovComposing inference methods for probabilistic models Indiana UniversityYahoo!
4/12/2016Scott MillerBeating the News: Predicting Significant Societal Events from Open Source Data Raytheon BBN TechnologiesYahoo!
4/14/2016Brad HayesDeveloping Capable Collaborative Robots MITYahoo!
4/28/2016Jayadev AcharyaTesting Big Data Distributions MITYahoo!
5/19/2016Matthew GombolayHuman-Machine Collaborative Optimization via Apprenticeship Scheduling MITYahoo!
5/26/2016Matthew TaylorLearning from Demonstration, Human Feedback, and Environmental Rewards Washington State UniversityYahoo!

Fall 2015 Speaker List

9/10/2015Bo LiuProximal Gradient Temporal Difference LearningALLUMass CSYahoo!
9/24/2015Xialoan WangWhat your Knowledge Base is Missing, and Where to Find ItDBUMass CSYahoo!
10/1/2015Karthik NarasimhanLanguage Understanding for Text-based Games Using Deep Reinforcement Learning MITYahoo!
10/8/2015Laura HaasAccelerating the Discovery of Insights from Data IBMYahoo!
10/15/2015Zhaoliang LunLearning Style Similarity of ShapesGFXUMass CSYahoo!
10/19/2015James ZouMachine learning for ubiquitous genomics and precision medicine Microsoft ResearchYahoo!
10/27/2015Greg ShakhnarovichZoom-out features for image understanding TTIYahoo!
10/29/2015Zornitsa KozarevaWhat's in a Web Query? Yahoo!Yahoo!
11/05/2015Jason YosinskiTraining and Understanding Deep Neural Networks for Robotics, Design, and Perception CornellYahoo!
11/12/2015David DuvenaudAutomatically Constructing Models, and Automatically Explaining Them, too. HarvardYahoo!
11/19/2015David BleiScaling and Generalizing Variational Inference ColumbiaYahoo!
12/3/2015Lawson L.S. WongLearning the State of the World: Object-based World Modeling for Mobile-Manipulation Robots MITYahoo!

Spring 2015 Speaker List

2/12/2015Scott LindermanDiscovering Latent Network Structure in Neural Spike Train Recordings Harvard UniversityYahoo!
2/19/2015Ari KobrenGetting More for Less: Optimized Crowdsourcing with Dynamic Tasks and GoalsIESLUMass CSYahoo!
2/26/2015Jean-Baptiste TristanEfficient Training of LDA on a GPU by Mean-for-Mode Gibbs Sampling Oracle LabsYahoo!
3/5/2015Karthik RamanMan+Machine: Machine learning with Humans-in-the-Loop Cornell UniversityYahoo!
3/10/2015Bishan YangExploiting Relational Knowledge for Extraction of Opinions and Events in Text Cornell UniversityYahoo!
3/12/2015Marek PetrikBetter Solutions From Inaccurate Models IBM ResearchYahoo!
3/26/2015Francesca RossiProbabilistic Conditional Preferences University of Padova + Harvard UniversityYahoo!
4/02/2015Jason WestonMemory Networks Facebook AI ResearchYahoo!
4/14/2015Dani YogatamaBring Your Own Model: Model-Agnostic Improvements in NLP CMUYahoo!
4/16/2015Jennifer ListgartenMethods for Genome and Epigenome-Wide Association Studies Microsoft ResearchYahoo!
4/23/2015Rob PlattRobot Grasping of Novel Objects in Dense Clutter Northeastern UniversityYahoo!
5/5/2015Mo YuStructure Representations with Feature-rich Compositional Embedding Models Johns HopkinsYahoo!
5/07/2015Maximilian NickelMultilinear Embeddings of Knowledge Graphs MITYahoo!

Fall 2014 Speaker List

9/18/2014Jayant KrishnamurthyLearning to Understand Natural Language with Less Supervision CMUYahoo!
9/25/2014Ian GempBridging the Gap: Optimization and Dynamical SystemsALLUMassYahoo!
10/2/2014David BelangerA Latent Gaussian Model For TextIESLUMassYahoo!
10/16/2014James HaysRecognizing and Editing Scene Attributes BrownYahoo!
10/23/2014David WeissLazy Structured Prediction GoogleYahoo!
11/06/2014Jen PanReverse Engineering Chinese Censorship HarvardYahoo!
11/20/2014Kriste KrstovskiEvaluating Topic Models through Histogram AnalysisCIIRUMassYahoo!
12/04/2014Sridhar MahadevanDeep Reasoning about Word Embeddings and Linguistic Regularities using Kernels on Lie GroupsALLUMass CS + IBM ResearchYahoo!
12/11/2014Computational Social Science Talk: TBA  FacebookYahoo!
12/15/2014Charles SuttonStatistical Analysis of Computer Program University of EdinburghYahoo!

Spring 2014 Speaker List

1/23/2014Nick RuozziDynamic Programming, Lifts of Graphs, and Counting Problems ColumbiaYahoo!
1/30/2014David SarneThe Devastating Effect of Information Brokers in MAS Bar-Ilan UniversityYahoo!
2/6/2014Amit NithianandanIntroduction to Wibidata and Kiji WibiDataYahoo!
2/20/2014Krzysztof Choromanski & Kui TangAdaptive Anonymity via b-Matching Google ResearchYahoo!
3/6/2014Rick FreedmanGetting the Big Idea: Recognizing Plans and Activities by Reading People Like a Book UMass CSYahoo!
4/3/2014Boulat BashLow Probability of Detection Communication over Optical Channels: Theory and PracticeCNRGUMass CSYahoo!
4/10/2014Brandon StewartThe Structural Topic Model and Applied Social Science HarvardYahoo!
4/17/2014Sridhar MahadevanRethinking Machine Learning for the 21st Century: From Optimization to EquilibrationALLUMass CSYahoo!
4/29/2014Cynthia RudinAlgorithms for Interpretable Machine LearningPrediction Analysis LaboratoryMITYahoo!

Fall 2013 Speaker List

09/12/2013Juston Moore and Aaron ScheinCharacterizing Structure in Anomalous Observations MLDSUMass CSYahoo!
09/19/2013Annamalai Natarajan and Steve Cheng-Xian Li MLDSUMass CSYahoo!
09/26/2013Subhransu MajiDiscovering the Structure of Visual Categories from Weak Annotations TTICYahoo!
10/3/2013Sasha RushRelaxation-Based Algorithms for Machine Translation MITYahoo!
10/11/2013Postponed   Yahoo!
10/15/2013Bo Liu and Phil ThomasFirst-order Sparse Reinforcement Learning: A Unified FrameworkALLUMass CSYahoo!
10/24/2013Stefano ErmonDecision making and inference under limited information and large dimensionality CornellYahoo!
10/31/2013Tao SunMessage Passing for Collective Graphical ModelsMLDSUMass CSYahoo!
11/8/2013Abhinav GuptaRepresentation, Reasoning and Never-Ending Learning for Scene Understanding CMUYahoo!
11/25/2013Jason WestonEmbedding and Ranking for Images, Entities, Items and Text Google, NYCYahoo!
12/5/2013Erez KarpasNon-classical Heuristics for Classical Planning MITYahoo!

SPRING 2013 Speaker List

02/01/2013Deqing SunFrom Pixels to Layers: Joint Motion Estimation and Segmentation HarvardYahoo!
02/07/2013   Yahoo!
02/14/2013Laura DietzA Neighborhood Relevance Model for Entity LinkingCIIRUMass Amherst CSYahoo!
02/25/2013Alexander SchwingEfficient Inference and Learning for Structured Models  ETH ZurichYahoo!
02/28/2013    Yahoo!
03/07/2013Alan RitterExtracting Knowledge from Informal Text University of WashingtonYahoo!
03/14/2013Liang HuangScalable Structured Learning with Inexact Inference and Parallelization City University of New YorkYahoo!
03/21/2013No MLFL (Spring break)   Yahoo!
03/28/2013Ben VigodaProbability Processors for Accelerating Statistical Inference and Learning Lyric LabsYahoo!
04/04/2013Suju RajanThe Internet Ordered for You Yahoo ResearchYahoo!
04/11/2013Andrew KaeThink Globally and Locally: Hybrid Models for Segmentation and LabelingVisionUMass Amherst CSYahoo!
04/18/2013Philip ThomasMotor Primitive DiscoveryALLUMass Amherst CSYahoo!
04/22/2013Richard SocherRecursive Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision StanfordYahoo!
06/5/2013Dahua LinLearning Scene Structures Using Correlated Nonparametric Models TTICVision Lab

FALL 2012 Speaker List

09/13/2012David Belanger and Alexandre PassosMAP Inference in Chains using Column GenerationIESLUMass Amherst CSYahoo!
09/20/2012Yahan ZhouPoint Sampling with General Noise SpectrumComputer Vision and GraphicsUMass Amherst CSYahoo!
09/27/2012Daniel SheldonProblems in Computational Ecology and Learning with Aggregate Data UMass Amherst CSYahoo!
10/04/2012Brendan O'ConnorA Framework for Social Data Analysis of Text CMUYahoo!
10/11/2012No MLFL (Room not available)---Yahoo!
10/18/2012Lirong XiaRandom Utility Models for Social Choice HarvardYahoo!
10/25/2012Victor LesserCoordinating Multi-Agent LearnersMulti-Agent SystemsUMass Amherst CSYahoo!
11/01/2012Youngho KimMining Query Associations to Predict Search PerformanceCIIRUMass Amherst CSYahoo!
11/08/2012Vangelis KalogerakisMachine learning algorithms for 3D shape understanding and modeling UMass Amherst CSYahoo!
11/15/2012Apoorv AgarwalSocial Interaction Network Extraction from Text Columbia UniversityYahoo!
11/22/2012No MLFL (Thanksgiving!)---Yahoo!
11/28/2012Sham KakadeTensor Decompositions for Learning Latent Variable Models Microsoft Research New EnglandYahoo!
11/29/2012Joseph BradleyOptimizing Trade-offs in Learning Graphical Models Carnegie Mellon UniversityYahoo!
12/06/2012Kriste KrstovskiEfficient Nearest-Neighbor Search in the Probability SimplexIR/IESLUMass Amherst CSYahoo!

SPRING 2012 Speaker List

01/26/2012 (talk starts at 12:30)Jake HofmanModeling Social Data Yahoo!Yahoo!
02/02/2012Xiaobing XueModeling Reformulation Using Query DistributionsCIIRUMass CSYahoo!
02/09/2012James BergstraGrid Search is a Bad Hyper-parameter Optimization Algorithm HarvardYahoo!
02/16/2012David SmithInferring and Exploiting Relational Structure in Large Text Collections UMass CSYahoo!
02/23/2012Michael BenderskyParameterized Concept Weighting for Information RetrievalCIIRUMass CSYahoo!
03/01/2012 (talk starts at 12:30)Sharad GoelComputational Social Science: Studying Human Behavior at ScaleEconomics and Social SystemsYahoo!Yahoo!
03/08/2012 (talk starts at 12:30)Richard ColbaughLeveraging Socioeconomic Models for Prediction Sandia National LabYahoo!
03/15/2012Slav PetrovFast, Accurate and Robust Multilingual Syntactic Analysis GoogleYahoo!
03/22/2012No MLFL (Spring Break)---Yahoo!
03/29/2012MLFL rescheduled to 4/6---Yahoo!
04/05/2012Rosie Jones and Dmitry PechyonyLarge-Scale Machine Learning for Display Advertising AkamaiYahoo!
04/06/2012Joseph ReisingerLatent Variable Models of Distributional Lexical Semantics University of Texas at AustinYahoo!
04/12/2012İsmet Zeki YalnızMining a Million Books: Partial Duplicate Detection, Translation Identification and OCR Evaluation UMass CSYahoo!
04/19/2012Sewoong OhLearning from the Wisdom of the Crowd: Efficient Algorithms and Fundamental Limits MITYahoo!
04/26/2012Roger GrosseExploiting compositionality to explore a large space of model structures MITYahoo!

FALL 2011 Speaker List

09/15/2011No MLFL (Room not available)---Yahoo!
09/22/2011Huseyin OktayCausal Estimation in Social Media and Distance Estimation in Social NetworksKDLUMass CSYahoo!
09/29/2011Ben MarlinProbabilistic Modeling of Electronic Health Records Data UMass CSYahoo!
10/06/2011Adam CoatesUnraveling Unsupervised Feature Learning StanfordYahoo!
10/13/2011No MLFL (Room not available)---Yahoo!
10/20/2011Joseph GonzalezGraphLab: A Framework for Asynchronous Parallel Machine Learning CMUYahoo!
10/27/2011Dipanjan DasMultilingual Guidance for Unsupervised Linguistic Structure Prediction CMUYahoo!
11/03/2011Sridhar MahadevanOnline Learning By Optimizing Bregman DivergencesALLUMass CSYahoo!
11/10/2011Eric SolisAbsolute protein quantitation: Efficient inference with an unknown quantity of non-ignorable missing data. HarvardYahoo!
11/17/2011David WingateA Reinforcement Learning Approach to Variational Inference in Probabilistic ProgramsCSAILMITYahoo!
11/24/2011No MLFL (Thanksgiving!)---Yahoo!
12/01/2011Jon BischofModeling Differential Word Usage in Hierarchically Labeled Document Collections HarvardYahoo!
12/08/2011Weibo GongCan one hear the shape of a concept? UMass ECEYahoo!
12/15/2011CMPSCI 689 (Machine Learning)Final Project Presentations-UMass CSYahoo!

SPRING 2011 Speaker List

2/3/2011TBD   Yahoo!
2/10/2011Megan OlsenEmotional Cellular Automata for Ecological ModelingBINDSUMassYahoo!
2/17/2011Robert Platt CSAILMITYahoo!
2/24/2011David McCloskyEvent Extraction as Dependency Parsing StanfordYahoo!
3/3/2011TBD   Yahoo!
3/10/2011There is already an interesting ML talk scheduled   Yahoo!
3/17/2011Spring BreakNO MLFL!ENJOY! Yahoo!
3/24/2011Alice OhApplications of Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes U&I LabKAISTYahoo!
3/31/2011TBD   Yahoo!
4/7/2011TBD   Yahoo!
4/14/2011TBD   Yahoo!
4/21/2011TBD   Yahoo!
4/28/2011Sebestian RiedelThe Wonderful Worlds of Biomedical Event Extraction, Joint Inference and Dual DecompostionIESLUMassYahoo!
5/4/2011Sasha RushTBD  Yahoo!

FALL 2010 Speaker List

9/16/10David SilverReasoning in MDPs by Option Model Composition MITYahoo!
9/23/10Marc MaierLearning Causal Models of Relational DomainsKDLUMassYahoo!
9/30/10Ivon ArroyoEducational Data Mining: Learning to Teach from Student Logs of a Tutoring SystemCKCUMassYahoo!
10/7/10Daniel RamagePartially Labeled Topic Models for Interpretable Text Mining StanfordYahoo!
10/14/10NoneNo MLFL this week   
10/21/10NoneNo MLFL this week  Yahoo!
10/28/10NoneNo MLFL this week  Yahoo!
11/4/10William YerazunisKeeping the Good Stuff In: Confidential Information Firewalling with the CRM114 Spam Filter & Text Classifier MERLYahoo!
11/11/10Kwan Hong LeeSocial Menu as Mobile Probe to Understand Impacts of Contextual Social NetworksMedia LabMITYahoo!
11/18/10Finale DoshiBayesian Nonparametric Approaches to Reinforcement Learning in Partially Observable Domains MITYahoo!
11/25/10Thanksgiving!On the merits of whole-berry cranberry sauce: why are you eating that stuff from a can?The Pilgrims, and the Native Americans who kept them from starvingThe Plymouth Plantation and the Wampanoag Tribe, MassachusettsAmerica
12/2/10    Yahoo!
12/9/10Ankur ManiExclusive Bilateral Exchanges in Social NetworksHuman Dynamics GroupMITYahoo!
12/16/10Akshat KumarMAP Estimation for Graphical Models by Likelihood MaximizationRBRUMassYahoo!

SUMMER 2010 Speaker List

7/12/10Stephen E. LevinsonThe Role of Sensorimotor Function, Associative Memory and Reinforcement Learning in Automatic Acquisition of Spoken Language by an Autonomous RobotElectrical EngineeringUniversity of IllinoisYahoo!

SPRING 2010 Speaker List

2/4/10Kourosh DanaiParameter Adaptation in the Time-Scale DomainEngineeringUMassYahoo!
2/18/10Marek PetrikReliable Reinforcement Learning For Resource Management ProblemsComp Sci.UMassYahoo!
2/25/10Michael BenderskyLearning Concept Importance Using a Weighted Dependence ModelCIIRUMassYahoo!
3/11/10Sylvie TchumtchouaModeling Associations among Multivariate Longitudinal Categorical Variables in Survey Data: a Semiparametric Bayesian ApproachStatisticsUConnYahoo!
3/18/10Spring Break    
3/25/10Ruslan SalakhutdinovLearning Undirected Topic Models MITYahoo!
4/8/10Chang WangDomain Adaptation using Manifold AlignmentComp Sci.UMassYahoo!
4/15/10Alicia P. WolfePaying Attention to What Matters: Abstraction in Partially Observable DomainsComputer ScienceWilliamsYahoo!
4/22/10Jinyoung KimBuilding a Semantic Representation of Personal InformationComp Sci.UMassYahoo!
Postponed: 5/6/10Dr. Fatih PorikliLearning on Manifolds: A Computer Vision Viewpoint MERLYahoo!
5/11/10Benjamin RosmanA Game Theoretic Procedure for Learning Hierarchically Structured Strategies University of EdinburghYahoo!

FALL 2009 Speaker List

9/17/09Douglas CrockfordThe JSON Saga Yahoo!Yahoo!
9/24/09Shivani AgarwalRanking Problems in Machine Learning: Theory and Applications MITYahoo!
10/8/09Janusz MareckiTowards Conquering Uncertainty in Agent Systems IBM WatsonYahoo!
10/15/09Yu LuLearning how galaxies form using the Bayesian approach based Semi-Analytic modelAstronomyUMassYahoo!
10/22/09Josh BongardResilient machinesMorphology, Evolution & Cognition LaboratoryComputer Science, University of VermontYahoo!
11/5/09Daeyoung KimSelection of consistent roots to the likelihood equation in finite mixtures of location-scale distributionsStatisticsUMassYahoo!
11/12/09Lee SpectorExpressive languages for evolved programsCognitive ScienceHampshire CollegeYahoo!
WED 11/18/09Rocco ServedioLearning Halfspaces with Malicious Noise ColumbiaYahoo!
12/3/09Jenn Wortman VaughanCensored Exploration and the Dark Pool ProblemHarvardYahoo!

SPRING 2009 Speaker List

1/28/09 Cancelled due to weather   
2/4/09Chang WangLearning Optimal Projections for Manifold AlignmentALLUMassYahoo!
2/11/09Jordan Boyd GraberLinguistic Extensions to Topic ModelsStatistical LearningPrincetonYahoo!
2/18/09Victoria ManfrediRobust Routing in Dynamic NetworksNetworkingUMassYahoo!
2/25/09Tanzeem ChoudhuryLearning Curved Exponential Family Models to Infer Face-to-Face Interaction Networks from Situated Speech Data DartmouthYahoo!
3/11/09Shane JensenBayesball: A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Evaluating Fielding in Major League BaseballWharton SchoolPennYahoo!
3/19/09Katherine HellerBayesian Hierarchical Clustering CambridgeYahoo!
3/25/09Tony JebaraMatching, Embedding and Clustering for Graphs and Data ColumbiaYahoo!
4/1/09Matt LeaseBeyond keywords: finding information more accurately and easily using natural languageIESLUMassYahoo!
4/8/09John LangfordOnline Conditional Probability Tree Learning Yahoo ResearchYahoo!
4/22/09Dan GrollmanLearning multimap robot control policies from demonstration BrownYahoo!
4/29/09Yisong YueInformation Retrieval as Structured Prediction CornellYahoo!
5/6/09Michael Hay?TBA UMassYahoo!

FALL 2008 Speaker List

09/10/08David JensenAutomatic Identification of Quasi-Experimental Designs for Discovering Causal KnowledgeKDLUMassYahoo!
09/17/08David MimnoTopic Models Conditioned on Arbitrary Features with Dirichlet-multinomial RegressionIESLUMassYahoo!
10/1/08Michael WickA Unified Approach for Schema Matching, Coreference and CanonicalizationIESLUMassYahoo!
10/8/08Natalia Hernandez GardiolRelational Equivalence-Based PlanningCSAILMITYahoo!
10/15/08Vikash MansinghkaLanguages and Machines for Inductive Learning and Uncertain ReasoningComp. Cog. Sci.MITYahoo!
10/23/08 (THU)Ramgopal MettuAdaptive Bayesian InferenceECSUMassYahoo!
11/5/08Sameer SinghIntroduction to Deep Belief Nets UMassYahoo!
11/12/08Carlos DiukAn Object-oriented representation for efficient reinforcement learningReal-life RLRutgersYahoo!
11/19/08Winter MasonSocial Influence over Social Networks YahooYahoo!
12/3/08Stephen HartTBA UMassYahoo!
12/10/08ML ClassPresentations UMassYahoo!

SPRING 2008 Speaker List

02/27/08Andres Corrada-EmmanuelCan robots measure their own error in mapping missions?CIIRUMassYahoo!
03/05/08Kedar Bellare*TBA UMassYahoo!
03/12/08Donald MetzlerMachine Learned Sentence Selection Strategies for Query-Biased SummarizationYahoo! ResearchYahoo!Yahoo!
03/26/08Leon PeshkinTowards a cognitive robotic biologist: machine learning for automated image analysis in systems biologySystems BiologyHarvard Med SchoolYahoo!
04/02/08Khashayar Rohanimanesh*TBA UMassYahoo!
04/09/08Luke ZettlemoyerLearning to Map Sentences to Logical FormCSAILMITYahoo!
04/16/08Jerod WeinmanSparse Variational Learning for Stereo VisionCVLUMassYahoo!
04/23/08Tom DietterichTaskTracer: Toward an Activity-Oriented Desktop Interface Oregon StateYahoo!
04/30/08George KonidarisSensorimotor Abstraction Selection for Autonomous Robot Skill AcquisitionALLUMassYahoo!
05/07/08David Wingate[[Using Nonpara
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