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For MLFL organizers, this is the protocol we generally use for organizing the lunch:

Emailing Presentation Requests:

To:grads at cs...
Subject:Needed: Machine Learning Lunch Presentations

Hello Everyone,

The Machine Learning and Friends Lunch (MLFL) series is in need of your presentations this semester! If you're a graduate student in our department and would like to practice presenting a research topic to the machine learning community, please send us your idea along with those Wednesdays that would work for you. MLFLs are always at noon, with lunch provided. Talks can range from 30 to 45 minutes. The signup process has recently been automated. Please sign up at:

Suggestions for relevant external speakers are also welcome as Yahoo! has generously provided funding for food and travel expenses. Please make your suggestions *soon* as we would like to begin the series in the next week or two.

Thank you,
-Your MLFL Organizers

External Speaker Email:

Subject: An invitation to speak at the UMass-Amherst Machine Learning Seminar Series

Hello XXXX,

I'm writing to let you know that you've been nominated by students and/or faculty of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst to give a talk in our Spring 2008 Machine Learning Seminar Series. Invited talks in the series are typically an hour long and focus on some aspect of the speaker's research in machine learning, artificial intelligence, or robotics. The audience is often a group of 20-40 of the unversity's faculty, graduate students, and affiliated researchers in the area of machine learning. Past outside speakers have included David Blei, Fernando Pereira, Michael Jordan, Sam Roweis, as well as various other students, postdocs and faculty. Following their talks, speakers are welcome to meet with faculty and graduate students in the department at their request.

The machine learning seminar takes place on Wednesdays in the spring/fall semesters at the UMass-Amherst Computer Science department. This year, our corporate sponsor is Yahoo! Research and our faculty sponsor is Professor Andrew McCallum. Should you choose to give a talk at our seminar series, UMass-Amherst will assign you a trip coordinator and reimburse travel and lodging expenses associated with your trip. Even if you yourself are not able to make it, we are interested in hearing more about your research and are open to having an affiliated researcher or graduate student give a presentation of your work on your behalf. The students particularly expressed an interest in your work on XXXX.

We currently have dates available in March, April, and May. Please let us know if you can accept our invitation, or if you have any additional questions.

Thank you,
Computer Science Department
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
(413) XXX-XXXX

Food Pickup:

  • 09:00am - Call Subway in the morning and make sure the food is ready for pickup by 11am.
  • 11:00am - Stop by subway and pick up the 8 trays of food, condiments, and cookies; make SURE to get the receipt.
  • 11:20am - Bring car and food to back of CS building by machine lab (just northeast of CS 150, on the way to the LGRT)
  • 11:25am - Bring in condiments and cookies, leave external-facing door to CS150 propped open w/ garbage can, ask secretaries to get plates, cups, drinks, etc.
  • 11:30am - Bring in sandwich platters (you can use a cart from CSCF to avoid dropping them)
  • 11:35am - Park car back in CS lot 31
  • 11:40am - Set up food and speaker
  • 11:45am - MLFL start

Room Setup:

  1. Get the projector chords for room 150 from CSCF and setup the projector. If the speaker has arrived, ask him/her to test the slides.
  2. Prepare a signup sheet. This is very important, as the front office CAN NOT reimburse the money for the talk without this. Keep a sheet of paper and pen and ask the attendees to write their names and lab affiliations.
  3. Arrange the sandwiches/cookies (or whatever is the main lunch) on the tables next to the projection screen. Open up the covers right before the lunch begins.
  4. The drinks are usually ordered by the staff in the front office and they keep it in freezer in the kitchenette. Take it out and keep it on the table near the food table.
  5. Make sure there is ENOUGH plates, napkins, glasses and forks (if needed).

Room Cleanup:

  1. Shutdown the projector and wind up the screen. Remove the projector chords, and return them to CSCF.
  2. Return the sign up sheet to the front office.3. Leave the leftovers in the front office.
  3. Clean the lunch tables and trash the food containers. Use the trash bins in the kitchenette.
  4. Go over the tables with a wet sponge to make sure there are no food crumbs. The room needs to be ready for a class right after that.
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