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Introduction To Wibidata And Kiji


"Introduction to Wibidata/Kiji - Implementing personalized search using Kiji and Solr"


Kiji is an open source framework that allows developers to build big data applications (focused around personalization and recommendations) on top of HBase and Hadoop. Solr is an open source enterprise grade search engine that makes it easy for developers to quickly deploy a high quality search engine. In this talk, I will demonstrate how the combination of the two can help implement personalized search that can also respond to user interactions in "real-time".

Bio: Amit Nithianandan is a Member of the Technical Staff on the platform engineering team at WibiData and is a contributor to the Kiji Project. Prior to WibiData, Amit was the lead search and analytics engineer at (now a part of eBay) where he worked on search infrastructure, relevance and the integration of access log analytics into the search engine.

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