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University of Massachusetts


Machine Learned Sentence Selection Strategies For Query-Biased Summarization

It has become standard for search engines to augment search result lists with document summaries. Each document summary consists of a title, abstract, and a URL. In this work, we focus on the task of selecting relevant sentences for inclusion in the abstract. In particular, we investigate how machine learning-based approaches can effectively be applied to the problem. We analyze and evaluate several learning to rank approaches, such as ranking Support Vector Machines (SVMs), support vector regression (SVR), and gradient boosted decision trees (GBDTs). Our work is the first to evaluate SVR and boosted decision trees for the sentence selection task. Using standard TREC test collections, we rigorously evaluate various aspects of the sentence selection problem. Our results show that the effectiveness of the machine learning approaches varies across collections with different characteristics. Furthermore, the results show that GBDTs provide a robust and powerful framework for the sentence selection task and significantly outperform SVR and ranking SVMs on several data sets.

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Page last modified on March 10, 2008, at 02:17 PM