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Ben Marlin I am an assistant professor in the School of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where I co-direct the Machine Learning for Data Science Lab with Hanna Wallach and Dan Sheldon. I was previously a fellow of both the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences and the Killam Trusts at the University of British Columbia where I was based in the Laboratory for Computational Intelligence in the Department of Computer Science. I completed my PhD in machine learning in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto.

Research Interests: My research interests lie at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistics. I am particularly interested in hierarchical graphical models and approximate inference/learning techniques including Markov Chain Monte Carlo and variational Bayesian methods. My current research has a particular emphasis on models and algorithms for multivariate time series data. I have worked on a broad range of applications for these modeling and learning techniques including collaborative filtering and ranking, unsupervised structure discovery and feature induction, object recognition and image labeling, and natural language processing. My current applied research has a particular emphasis on machine learning for clinical data analysis and mobile on-body sensing.

Recent News: Upcoming Papers and Abstracts: Recent Papers and Abstracts: PhD Thesis: My PhD thesis is titled Missing Data Problems in Machine Learning. It deals with the problem of unsupervised learning in the presence of non-random missing data, as well as the problem of classification in the presence of missing features. The work on non-random missing data is motivated by the problem of rating prediction in collaborative filtering, and uses a new data set collected at Yahoo! Research with Malcolm Slaney. The work on classification with missing features focuses on medical decision making using standard data sets, as well as higher dimensional tasks like digit classification with missing pixels. [Thesis Abstract] [Thesis PDF] [Short Defense Slides PDF] [Long Defense Slides PDF]

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