TRANSACT 2010: Final Program

Tuesday, April 13
830    Hardware Support
Chair: Eliot Moss
   Hardware Transactional Memory with Software-Defined Conflicts
Rubén Titos-Gil1,  Manuel E. Acacio1,  José M. García1,  Tim Harris2,  Adrián Cristal3,  Osman Unsal3,  Ibrahim Hur3,  Mateo Valero3
1Universidad de Murcia, 2Microsoft Research, 3Barcelona Supercomputing Center
   Compilation of Thoughts about AMD Advanced Synchronization Facility and First-Generation Hardware Transactional Memory Support
Jaewoong Chung,  David Christie,  Martin Pohlack,  Stephan Diestelhorst,  Michael Hohmuth,  Luke Yen
   Implementing AMD's Advanced Synchronization Facility in an out-of-order x86 core
Stephan Diestelhorst,  Martin Pohlack,  Michael Hohmuth,  Dave Christie,  Jae-Woong Chung,  Luke Yen
Coffee break
1030    Scalability
Chair: TBA
   Evaluating Contention Management Using Discrete Event Simulation
Brian Demsky and Alokika Dash
University of California, Irvine
   Predicting the Scalability of an STM
Aleksandar Dragojevic and Rachid Guerraoui
1130    Debate - Resolved: Transactions Should Be Short
Lunch break
1330    Transactional Bouillabaisse
Chair: TBA
   Implicit Privatization Using Private Transactions
Dave Dice1,  Alexander Matveev2,  Nir Shavit3
1Sun Microsystems, 2Tel Aviv University, 3Tel Aviv Univrersity
   Transactification of a real-world system library (contact the authors to access the paper)
Nebojša Miletić1,  Vesna Smiljković1,  Cristian Perfumo1,  Tim Harris2,  Adrián Cristal3,  Ibrahim Hur3,  Osman Unsal3,  Mateo Valero1
1BSC-Microsoft Research Centre, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2Microsoft Research Cambridge, 3BSC-Microsoft Research Centre
   Composability for Application-Specific Transactional Optimizations
Rui Zhang,  Zoran Budimlic,  William Scherer
Rice University
Coffee break
1530    Multiversioning
Chair: TBA
   SMV: Selective Multi-Versioning STM
Dmitri Perelman and Idit Keidar
   A scalable and efficient commit algorithm for the JVSTM
Sérgio Fernandes and João Cachopo
1630    Town Meeting - What Next?
1700    Workshop concludes

You may use this password protected link to download the full set of papers, plus a preface, as one PDF.