This page is a master list of all assignments and due dates for the course. It will be updated as assignments are made available.

Assignments are due at 2:30pm, unless otherwise noted. I will often make them due slightly later in Gradescope to account for upload delays, last-minute problems, and whatnot; but ultimately you are responsible for setting aside enough time to submit each assignment on time.

Solutions, when available, are password-protected; the course username and password are on the Moodle site.

Note that the estimated time to complete each assignment is just that: an estimate. It assumes that you are fluent in Java through the 121 material, and have had no difficulty with in-class exercises and homework assignments. If these assumptions are not true, you will want to budget more time. Don’t take an estimated time of an hour to mean that it’s OK to start at 1pm on the due date!

Start assignments early so the course staff can clarify points of confusion for you and give you time to complete the assignment.