I am currently a fourth-year Ph.D. student of Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences at University of Massachusetts Amherst under the supervision of Prof. Jie Xiong. I also work with Prof. Sunghoon Ivan Lee and Prof. Jeremy Gummeson. I am broadly interested in building novel wireless sensing systems to enable applications including human computer interaction, mobile health and smart IoT. My current research focuses on acoustic-based sensing, including acoustic tracking and health sensing.

Email: dli at cs.umass.edu || ld.ubicomp at gmail.com

Research Interests: Localization and Tracking; HCI; Health Sensing

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Recent Highlights


MOM: Microphone based 3D Orientation Measurement
Zhihui Gao, Ang Li, Dong Li, Jialin Liu, Jie Xiong, Yu Wang, Bing Li, Yiran Chen.

LASense: Pushing the Limits of Fine-grained Activity Sensing Using Acoustic Signals
Dong Li, Jialin Liu, Sunghoon Ivan Lee, Jie Xiong
IMWUT/UbiComp 2022

BlinkListener: “Listen” to Your Eye Blink Using Your Smartphone
Jialin Liu, Dong Li, Lei Wang, Jie Xiong
IMWUT/UbiComp 2021

FM-Track: Pushing the Limits of Contactless Multi-target Tracking using Acoustic Signals
Dong Li, Jialin Liu, Sunghoon Ivan Lee, Jie Xiong
SenSys 2020

Unobtrusive and robust human identification using COTS RFID
Qian Zhang, Run Zhao, Dong Li, Dong Wang
Computer Networks 2020

RFree-ID: An Unobtrusive Human Identification System Irrespective of Walking Cofactors Using COTS RFID
Qian Zhang, Dong Li, Run Zhao, Dong Wang, Yufeng Deng, Bo Chen
PerCom 2018

SGRS: A Sequential Gesture Recognition System using COTS RFID
Bo Chen, Qian Zhang, Run Zhao, Dong Li, Dong Wang
WCNC 2018

TagController: A Universal Wireless and Battery-free Remote Controller using Passive RFID Tags
Dong Li, Feng Ding, Qian Zhang, Run Zhao, Jinshi Zhang, Dong Wang
MobiQuitous 2017 (Best Paper Award Runner-up)

RFlow-ID: Unobtrusive Workflow Recognition with COTS RFID
Jinshi Zhang, Qian Zhang, Dong Li, Run Zhao, and Dong Wang
MobiQuitous 2017

A Novel Accurate Synthetic Aperture RFID Localization Method with High Radial Accuracy
Run Zhao, Qian Zhang, Dong Li, Haonan Chen, and Dong Wang
WoWMoM 2017

Professional Services

  • Web Chair, SenSys 2022
  • Shadow Program Committee, SenSys 2022
  • Reviewer, IMWUT 2022

  • Teaching Assistant

  • COMPSCI 240 Reasoning Under Uncertainty (Spring 2019, Fall 2021)

  • Awards and Honors

  • Bosch Scholarship, 2017
  • Google Excellence Scholarship, 2014
  • The CCF (China Computer Federation) Outstanding Undergraduate Award, 2014
  • National Scholarship in China, 2012-2013

  • Last update: July 11, 2022