Charles Weems

Doctoral Students Supervised

The following is an annotated listing of my graduate students. Note that for the first six years of my career I was a Research Assistant Professor. At that time, the position was not entitled to supervise students, so the students I supervised were officially advised by a tenure-track professor.

Deepak Rana, Ph.D., 1991, ECE, Polymorphic Multiprocessor Networks. I was Deepak's unofficial advisor, directly supervising his thesis research. Dhiraj Pradhan was his official advisor. Initial position: IBM T.J. Watson Lab

Rabindranath Dutta, Ph.D., August 1993, CS, Depth from Motion and Stereo: Parallel and Sequential Algorithms, Robustness, and Lower Bounds. Although I was listed as a member of Rabi's committee, he did most of his thesis research under my supervision, with Ed Riseman as his official advisor. Initial position: U.C. Riverside

Martin Herbordt, M.S. 1990, Ph. D., 1994, CS, Evaluation of Massively Parallel Array Architectures. I was Martin's advisor for his entire graduate program, although it was unofficial until I joined the tenure track. Initial position: U. of Houston

Steven Dropsho, Ph.D., 2002, CS, Enhancing Branch Prediction via On-Line Statistical Analysis. Steve was my first official Ph.D. student. Initial position: U. of Rochester

Zhenlin Wang, Ph.D. 2004 CS, Cooperative Hardware/Software Caching for Next Generation Memory Systems. I co-supervised Zhenlin with Kathryn McKinley during her sabbatical and after she moved to Austin.  Initial Position: Michigan Technological Univ.

Tim Richards, Ph.D., 2010, CS, Generalized Instruction Selector Generation: The Automatic Construction of Instruction Selectors from Descriptions of Compiler Internal Forms and Target Machines. I co-supervised Tim with Eliot Moss. Initial position: Trinity College

Edward Walters, Ph.D., 2013, CS, Generating Simulators from Multi-Level Coordinated Specifications. I co-supervised Ed with Eliot Moss. Initial position: Mitre Corp.

Niall Emmart, Ph.D. Advisor, 2017, CS. A Study of High Performance Multiple Precision Arithmetic on Graphics Processing Units. Initial position: NVIDIA and UMass Postdoc

Masters Students Supervised

Ranysha Ware, Allison DeJordy, Colin Tincknell, Addison Mayberry, M. Tyler Maxwell, Matt Laquidara, Matthew Thoennes, Crystal Gross, Nandini Natarajan, Katja Daumueller