CS 685, Fall 2020, UMass Amherst


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Week 1 (8/24-28): introduction, language models, representation learning

Week 2 (8/31-9/4): neural LMs, RNNs, backpropagation

Week 3 (9/7-11): Attention mechanisms

Week 4 (9/14-18): Transformers, transfer learning

Week 5: BERT and how to use it for downstream tasks

Week 6: further improving transfer learning in NLP

Week 7: improving text generation

Week 8: data augmentation and collection

Week 9: model distillation and retrieval-augmented LMs

Week 10: Transformer implementation, vision + language

Week 11: Exam week!

Week 12: Ethics and probe tasks

Week 13: Semantic parsing and commonsense reasoning