Daniel R. Sheldon
WSRLIB: MATLAB Toolbox for Weather Surveillance Radar
WSRLIB is a MATALB toolbox for analyzing weather surveillance radar, with a particular focus on biological analysis. See the repo for more information.
Discrete Adaptive Rejection Sampling
Adaptive rejection sampling (ARS) is an algorithm by Gilks and Wild for drawing samples from a continuous log-concave probability distribution with only black-box access to a function that computes the (unnormalized) density function. The ideas extend in a straightforward way to discrete log-concave distributions, but some details of the extension and its implementation can be tricky. The technical report and code below provide the details of a discrete ARS algorithm and a companion implementation in C with a MATLAB interface. Please cite as:

Daniel Sheldon. Discrete Adaptive Rejection Sampling. Technical Report UM-CS-2013-012, School of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, May 2013.