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Current Release: Hoard version 3.9, June 10, 2012
Source code
source code is now on GitHub
tarball (for Unix) libhoard-3.9.tar.gz
Previous Release: Hoard version 3.8, November 9, 2009
Source code
tarball (for Unix) hoard-38.tar.gz
zipfile (for Windows/Mac)
Binary releases 32-bit 64-bit
Windows x86 compiled with Visual Studio 9
Linux x86
Solaris Sparc (GNU) compiled with GNU C++
Solaris Sparc (Sun) compiled with Sun CC
Mac OS X   libhoard.dylib
Release notes:
- Refactored and fixed TLAB support to do appropriate cleanup.
- Added interception of Solaris threads API (thr_*)
- Moved createKey out of critical path, improving speed for Unix platforms that do not support __thread.
- Added a lock to AlignedMmap to prevent a possible race condition.
- Changed hooks to use GNU-supported hooks on platforms with glibc (especially Linux).
- Changed all code to include C++ headers (e.g., instead of ).
- Improved Mac support.
- Added robustness, checking for heap corruption or other errors.
- Improved Windows support (added _recalloc interception).
- Fixed incorrect handling of a (highly unlikely) out-of-memory condition in bumpalloc.h.

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