UMass CS Systems Lunch

The systems.lunch talk series is Mondays at 12:00 in room CS 150. Free pizza & soda - everyone interested in systems is welcome to attend. In addition to providing a free lunch and a chance for systems folks to meet and chat, systems.lunch is an opportunity to hear exciting talks by visitors as well as to learn about projects going on in the School.


Information for visitors: The UMass CS building is at 140 Governors Drive, Amherst, MA. Please park in lot 31, directly across Governors Drive from the school. There are metered spaces; your host can provide you with a parking permit. Directions to campus.

Sept. 26, 2014
Speaker: Mike Swift
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Host: Emery Berger
Title: New Interfaces to Storage-Class Memory
May 12, 2014 Speaker: Milind Kulkarni
Purdue University
Host: Emery Berger
Title: Automatically enhancing locality in irregular applications
February 10, 2014 Speaker: Claire Le Goues
Carnegie-Mellon University
Host: Yuriy Brun
Title: Automatic Program Repair Using Genetic Programming
November 4, 2013 Speaker: Nenad Medvidovic
University of Southern California
Host: Yuriy Brun
Title: Architectural Decay in Software Systems: Symptoms, Causes, and Remedies
October 21, 2013 Speaker: Veselin Raychev
Host: Emery Berger
Title: EventRacer: Finding Concurrency Errors in Web Sites
September 30, 2013 Speaker: Arjun Guha
UMass Amherst
Faculty Research Seminar: 12:30pm
Title: Programming Languages meets Programmable Networks
September 23, 2013 Speaker: Niko Matsakis
Mozilla Research
Host: Emery Berger
Title: Guaranteeing Memory Safety in Rust
April 29, 2013 Speaker: Robert Grimm
Host: Emery Berger
Title: SuperC: Parsing All of C by Taming the Preprocessor
April 22, 2013 Speaker: Ramesh Sitaraman
University of Massachusetts
Title: The Billion Dollar Question in Online Videos: How Video Performance Impacts Viewer Behavior?
April 8, 2013 Speaker: Rick Hudson
Intel Corporation
Host: Emery Berger
Title: River Trail: Adding Data Parallelism to JavaScript
December 10, 2012 Speaker: Kevin Walsh
Holy Cross
Host: Emery Berger
Title: Authorization and Trust: Lessons from the Nexus Project
October 1, 2012 Speaker: Ben Shneiderman
University of Maryland — College Park
Host: Lee Osterweil
Title: Information Visualization for Medical Informatics
September 17, 2012 Speaker: Alexandra Meliou
UMass Amherst
Title: Reverse Engineering Data Transformations
February 13, 2012 Speaker: Stephen Freund
Williams College
Host: Emery Berger
Title: Cooperative Concurrency for a Multicore World
November 22, 2011 Speaker: Ben Livshits
Microsoft Research
Host: Emery Berger
Title: Finding Malware on a Web Scale
November 21, 2011 Speaker: Gene Cooperman
Northeastern University
Host: Emery Berger
Title: Temporal Debugging via Flexible Checkpointing: Changing the Cost Model
November 7, 2011 Speaker: Sriram Rao
Yahoo! Research
Host: Prashant Shenoy (sponsored by Yahoo!)
Title: I-files: Handling Intermediate Data In Parallel Dataflow Graphs
October 3, 2011 Speaker: Peter Sweeney
IBM TJ Watson
Host: Emery Berger
Title: The State of Experimental Evaluation of Software and Systems in Computer Science
September 19, 2011 Speakers: Christophe Diot and Renata Teixeira
Technicolor / CNRS and UPMC Sorbonne Universités
Host: Jim Kurose
Titles: Challenges in digital services delivery | Performance of Networked Applications
Thursday, September 15, 2011 Speaker: Jeff Chase
Duke University
Host: Prashant Shenoy
Title: Trust in the Federation: Authorization for Multi-Domain Clouds
April 27, 2011 Speaker: Dan Grossman
University of Washington
Host: Emery Berger
Title: Collaborating at the Hardware/Software Interface: A Programming-Languages Professor’s View