Interview on cyber-security with WGBY, our local PBS affiliate; downloadable MOV.

On AutoMan, a system for "programming with people":

Press coverage of AutoMan: "Your Next Boss Could be a Computer", New Scientist UK, Times of India, ABC (Spain), Naftemporiki (Greece), Wired (Italy), CCC Computing Research Highlight of the Week

Hackers wreak havoc in the world of online security; UMass professor Emery Berger offers tips for keeping your information safe, Daily Hampshire Gazette

On TurtleNet:

Turtles, Wireless Transmitters Combined in Dual-Purpose Study, FOX News, Turtles to Test Wireless Network, ABC News, MIT Technology Review, Boston Globe, Globe and Mail, Jerusalem Post, and others.

On the Transparent File System:

Transparent File System - Can You See It?, StorageMojo

On DieHard, a system that prevents crashes and makes applications more secure against hacker attack:

"DieHard" für Firefox: Browser mit Lebensversicherung, Sueddeutsche Zeitung; DieHard diminue les plantages, SVN Informatique; DieHard, the software, and Slashdot. New Program by UMass Amherst Computer Scientist Prevents Crashes and Hacker Attacks: UMass press release, ACM TechNews,, Daily Hampshire Gazette.

On Hoard, a fast and scalable memory allocator that improves the performance of multithreaded programs:

Intel highlights the benefits of using Hoard: Improve Performance with Thread Aware Memory Allocators.
Sun concludes that Hoard is more space-efficient than their own allocators: A Comparison of Memory Allocators in Multiprocessors, June 2003.

On Heap Layers (a C++ infrastructure used to build Hoard):

Policy-Based Memory Allocation
: Doctor Dobb's C/C++ Journal, November 2005 (with Andrei Alexandrescu).