The Flux Programming Language

Emery Berger
Mark Corner

grad students
Brendan Burns
Vitaliy Lvin
Jacob Sorber

Kevin Grimaldi
Alexander Kostadinov


this project is no longer being maintained

Flux is a domain-specific programming language for building high-performance server applications. It's a clean and simple language that lets you build fast, concurrent, and correct servers out of sequential, off-the-shelf C code. Flux abstracts away issues like threads, events, and synchronization, yielding code that runs fast and is free from deadlock or race conditions. Flux also makes profiling and performance prediction easy.

We've built three servers with Flux: a web server, a game server, and a BitTorrent server (used to seed the torrents below). All of these are as fast or faster than their hand-tuned counterparts.


  • [2006-10-26] Flux v0.02 (available under GPL): [HTTP]


  • Flux paper from USENIX 2006 (PDF): [PDF]