Topics in Runtime Systems - CMPSCI 691S

Fall 2004


Professor Emery Berger
Syllabus and course schedule
Review form (from PLDI 2004)


Adaptive Optimization in the Jalapeno JVM (Arnold et al.)
Dynamo: A Transparent Dynamic Optimization System (Bala et al.)
Thin Locks: Featherweight Synchronization for Java (Bacon et al.) (Retrospective)
Wait-Free Synchronization (Herlihy)
Cache-Oblivious Algorithms (Frigo et al.)
Cilk: An Efficient Multithreaded Runtime System (Blumofe)
Thread Scheduling for Multiprogrammed Multiprocessors (Arora, Blumofe, Plaxton)
The Garbage Collection Advantage: Improving Program Locality (Long et al.)

October 5
Hoard: A Scalable Memory Allocator for Multithreaded Applications (Berger et al.)
Composing High-Performance Memory Allocators (Berger, Zorn, McKinley)
Reconsidering Custom Memory Allocation (Berger, Zorn, McKinley)

October 7
Space-Efficient Conservative Garbage Collection (Boehm)
Garbage Collection in an Uncooperative Environment (Boehm, Demers, Weiser)
A Non-Recursive List Compacting Algorithm (Cheney)
Due date: project design

October 19
List Processing in Real-Time on a Serial Computer (Baker)
Generational Scavenging (Ungar)

November 2
Simple Generational GC and Fast Allocation (Appel)
An Efficient, Incremental, Automatic Garbage Collector (Deutsch & Bobrow)
Due date: project midterm report & review

November 4
Ulterior Refererence Counting (Blackburn & McKinley)
Caching Considerations for Generational Garbage Collection (Wilson, Moher, Lam)

November 9
On-The-Fly Garbage Collection: An exercise in Cooperation (Dijkstra, Lamport, et al.)
Multiprocessing Compactifying Garbage Collection (Steele), plus a corrigendum

November 16
Controlling Fragmentation and Space Consumption in the Metronome (Bacon, Cheng, Rajan)
Beltway: Getting Around Garbage Collection Gridlock (Blackburn et al.)

November 18
project presentations

November 23
project presentations
CBGC: Connectivity-Based Garbage Collection (Hirzel, Diwan and Hertz)
Due date: project implementation

November 30
Low-Overhead Memory Leak Detection Using Adaptive Statistical Profiling (Chilimbi, Hauswirth)

December 2
TreadMarks: Shared Memory Computing on Networks of Workstations (Amza et al.)
MPI and PVM (Gropp, Lusk) no review needed

December 7
final project presentations

December 9
final project presentations

December 14
Due date: final project report

Supplementary reading:
Uniprocessor Garbage Collection Techniques (Wilson's survey)
Uniprocessor Garbage Collection Techniques (Wilson's survey, but extended)
Dynamic Storage Allocation: A Survey and Critical Review (Wilson, Johnstone, Neely and Boles)