We will keep updating class schedule gradually. Here is class schudule from last year for your reference.

Date Details
01/22 Orientation and logistics
Review assignment:
• None! Please make sure to attend class, as we will be planning the schedule for the semester-- together!
Suggested reading:
Introduction to Information Assurance
01/24 Overview of S&P'2018
Review assignment:
• Pick a paper from S&P'18 program and submit a review. You should Google the title of the paper you'd like to review to find the paper's PDF (for some papers you need to be on UMass network to be able to download). We will be overviewing the program. Make sure to use the expected review format.
01/29 Essential Crypto
Review assignment:
• None! Work on your project proposals!
01/31 Anonymous Communications
Review assignment (pick one):
Tor: The Second-Generation Onion Router
RAPTOR: Routing Attacks on Privacy in Tor
Dissent: Accountable Anonymous Group Messaging
02/05 Anonymous Communications Continued
No reviews due!
02/07 Bitcoin and Blockchain
Review assignment:
Hijacking Bitcoin: Routing Attacks on Cryptocurrencies
Eclipse Attacks on Bitcoin’s Peer-to-Peer Network
Catena: Efficient Non-equivocation via Bitcoin
02/12 Project Proposal Day
• Introduce your project in class in 2-3 minutes to get feedback and suggestion from others.
• Submit your 1-page project proposal on Moodle (by 02/15)
02/14 Bitcoin and Blockchain (Continued)
Review assignment:
•None! Overview your reviews for 2/07
02/19 Monday Schedule-- No Class
02/21 Authentication
Review assignment:
The Tangled Web of Password Reuse
Multi-touch Authentication Using Hand Geometry and Behavioral Information
TrustBase: An Architecture to Repair and Strengthen Certificate-based Authentication
02/26 No Class Due to NDSS Travel
02/28 Censorship, Surveilance, and Wiretapping
Review assignment:
The Parrot is Dead: Observing Unobservable Network Communications
The Waterfall of Liberty: Decoy Routing Circumvention that Resists Routing Attacks
Can They Hear Me Now? A Security Analysis of Law Enforcement Wiretaps
03/05 Censorship Measurement
Review assignment:
Analyzing the Great Firewall of China Over Space and Time
Encore: Lightweight Measurement of Web Censorship with Cross-Origin Requests
Quack: Scalable Remote Measurement of Application-Layer Censorship
03/07 Covert Channels + Side-Channel Attacks
Review assignment:
Microarchitectural Minefields: 4K-Aliasing Covert Channel and Multi-Tenant Detection in IaaS Clouds
Hello from the Other Side: SSH over Robust Cache Covert Channels in the Cloud
Exploiting a Thermal Side Channel for Power Attacks in Multi-Tenant Data Centers
03/12 Spring Break (No Class)
03/14 Spring Break (No Class)
03/19 Data Privacy
Review assignment:
BLENDER: Enabling Local Search with a Hybrid Differential Privacy Model
Private Information Retrieval
Quantifying Location Privacy
03/21 Privacy Leakage in Machine Learning
Review assignment:
Membership Inference Attacks Against Machine Learning Models
Model Inversion Attacks that Exploit Confidence Information and Basic Countermeasures
Stealing Machine Learning Models via Prediction APIs
Optional reading:
Privacy Risk in Machine Learning: Analyzing the Connection to Overfitting
Comprehensive Privacy Analysis of Deep Learning: Stand-alone and Federated Learning under Passive and Active White-box Inference Attacks
03/26 Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
Review assignment:
Deep Learning with Differential Privacy
Machine Learning with Membership Privacy using Adversarial Regularization
Optional reading:
Privacy-preserving Prediction
Nearly-Optimal Private LASSO
03/28 Machine Learning Security
Review assignment:
DeepXplore: Automated Whitebox Testing of Deep Learning Systems
Machine Learning Models that Remember Too Much
Certified Robustness to Adversarial Examples with Differential Privacy
04/02 Online Social Networks
Review assignment:
Social Networking with Frientegrity: Privacy and Integrity with an Untrusted Provider
Automated Crowdturfing Attacks and Defenses in Online Review Systems
Investigating Ad Transparency Mechanisms in Social Media: A Case Study of Facebook’s Explanations
04/04 Intrusion Detection
Review assignment:
BotMiner: Clustering Analysis of Network Traffic for Protocol- and Structure-Independent Botnet Detection
Kitsune: An Ensemble of Autoencoders for Online Network Intrusion Detection
Fingerprinting Electronic Control Units for Vehicle Intrusion Detection
04/09 IoT Security and Privacy
Review assignment:
Security Analysis of Emerging Smart Home Applications
From the Aether to the Ethernet—Attacking the Internet using Broadcast Digital Television
Understanding the Mirai Botnet
04/11 Malware
Review assignment:
Data Breaches, Phishing, or Malware? Understanding the Risks of Stolen Credentials
MAMADROID: Detecting Android Malware by Building Markov Chains of Behavioral Models
Click Trajectories: End-to-End Analysis of the Spam Value Chain
04/16 Overview of Other Topics
Review assignment:
- None! Work on your projects.
04/18 Final Project Presentations
04/23 Final Project Presentations
04/25 Final Project Presentations
04/30 Final Project Presentations