The Secure, Private Internet (SPIN) Research Group

Welcome to the SPIN research group! Our goal is to make Internet communications secure and private. Towards this, we analyze the security and privacy provided by existing network protocols, tools, and services, based on which we propose design adjustments to regain users' security and privacy, or devise clean-slate Internet communication tools. Our work combines the development of practical systems with rigorous theoretical analysis and incorporates techniques from various disciplines such as computer networking, cryptography, and statistics. Particular problems we have explored in the past include Internet censorship resistance, network traffic analysis, network situational awareness, social network malware, mobile security, and multimedia information hiding.

Amir Houmansadr
Associate Professor
Network Security, Internet Privacy, ML
Privacy, Security, Traffic Analysis, ML
Network Traffic Obfuscation, Anti-censorship, Privacy
Internet Censorship, Traffic Analysis
AI/ML Security and Privacy

AI/ML Security and Privacy
AI/ML Security and Privacy
Trustworthy AI, Adversarial ML
Traffic Analysis, Wireless Network Security
AI/ML Security and Privacy
Trustworthy AI and ML, Privacy
PhD (2023), Google
PhD (2023), Oracle Labs
PhD (2022), Google Deepmind
PhD (2021), Snap
MSc (2021), NVIDIA
MSc (2018), Google

Active Research Topics

We always strive to explore emerging, impactful research problems in the area of security and privacy. The following are our active research topics:


SPIN's code repository: SPIN's GitHub repository
Select network traces: UMass Trace Repository
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