Deepak Ganesan

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
dganesan AT

Contact Information

Office: CS Building, Room 272
Phone: (413) 545 2450
Fax: (413) 545 1249
Assistant: Karren Sacco
Office: CS Building, Room 300
Phone: (413) 577 0292


Deepak Ganesan is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at UMASS Amherst. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA in 2004 and his bachelors in Computer Science from IIT, Madras in 1998. He received the NSF CAREER Award in 2006 and the IBM Faculty Award in 2008. He was selected as a UMass Junior Faculty Fellow in 2008, and a UMass Lilly Teaching Fellow in 2009. He was a Program co-chair for ACM SenSys 2010, and is currently chairing IEEE SECON 2013.


My research interests include systems, networking and data management issues in wireless, sensor and mobile networks. I lead the Sensor Networks Research Group.

Current research projects include:

  • Backscatter network stack: Our work tackles key technical challenges to make backscatter a viable communication technology for single-hop sensor deployments.
  • Understanding addictive behavior: Our NIH grant with Yale Psychiatry tries to detect drug use using on-body sensors and understand what real-world activities and interactions relate to drug use. We also have a UMass President's S&T Grant
  • Computational Eyeglasses: We are designing an ultra-low-power architecture for affordable real-time computational eye glasses for visual context sensing.
  • Mobile Crowdsourcing: We are analyzing labor dynamics in mobile task markets, and designing novel mobile applications that can take advantage of crowdsourcing. Also, check out mCrowd - a micro-task market for mobile crowdsourcing. 
  • Fieldstream: We are part of a multi-university team working on continuous physiological monitoring using on-body sensors.
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Current: Jeremy Gummeson, Addison Mayberry, Moaj Musthag, Annamalai Natarajan, Abhinav Parate, Pengyu Zhang

Alumni: Tingxin Yan (Asst. Professor at U. Arkansas), Ming Li (IBM T.J. Watson Research), Devesh Agrawal (IBM), Purushottam Kulkarni (Asst. Professor at IIT Bombay), Gaurav Mathur (Founded 3LM)

Recent Publications
  • iShadow: Design of a Wearable, Real-Time Mobile Gaze Tracker. MobiSys 2014.
  • RisQ: Recognizing Smoking Gestures with Inertial Sensors on a Wristband. MobiSys 2014.
  • Enabling Bit-by-Bit Backscatter Communication. NSDI 2014
  • Detecting Cocaine Use with Wearable ECG Sensors, Ubicomp 2013. Honorable mention
  • Practical prediction and prefetch for mobile phones, Ubicomp 2013
  • Wirelessly Powered Bistable Display Tags, Ubicomp 2013. Honorable mention.
  • QuarkOS: Pushing the operating limits of micro-powered sensors, HotOS 2013
  • Labor Dynamics in a Mobile Micro-Task Market, CHI 2013. Best Paper Award
  • EnGuard: Protection of NFC Interactions on a Mobile Phone, MobiSys 2013
  • Leveraging graphical models in mobile sensing, MobiSys 2013
  • Full List of Publications


    Fall 2013:CS390MB: Mobile Health Sensing and Monitoring
    Spring 2013: CS377: Operating Systems
    Fall 2012: CS691MB: Mobile Health: Sensing, Inference and Interventions
    Spring 2012: CS377: Operating Systems
    Spring 2011: CS377: Operating Systems
    Fall 2010: CS691CS: Crowdsourcing - Opportunities and Challenges
    Fall 2009: CS201: Computer Architecture and Assembly Language
    Spring 2009: CS691PA: Seminar- Energy and Power-Aware Computing
    Fall 2008: CS201: Computer Architecture and Assembly Language
    Spring 2008: CS201: Computer Architecture and Assembly Language
    Fall 2007: CS691AA: Wireless Sensor Networks
    Spring 2007: CS453: Computer Networks
    Fall 2006: CS691AA: Wireless Sensor Networks
    Spring 2006: CS453: Computer Networks
    Fall 2005: CS691AA: Wireless Sensor Networks
    Spring 2005: CS791T: Mathematical Topics in Sensor Network Data Processing (with Don Towsley) Fall 2004: CS691AA: Wireless Sensor Networks

    Recent Professional activities

    Program Chair: IEEE SECON 2013, SenSys 2010
    Program Committees: MobiSys 2013, SenSys 2012, Mobicom 2012, HCOMP 2012, IPSN 2011, SenSys 2011, Mobicom 2011 HCOMP 2011
    Associate Editor: ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks


    Miscellaneous Activities

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