Kaleigh Clary
PhD Candidate, Causality & ML
Knowledge Discovery Laboratory
Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences
University of Massachusetts Amherst

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I am on the job market for Summer 2024!

I am a member of the Knowledge Discovery Laboratory, advised by David Jensen. I am broadly interested in using causal reasoning to develop robust systems for AI-driven decision-making. My research studies the identification of anomalous or malicious activity, development of methods for resilience and few-shot transfer of decision-making policies, and construction of empirical designs for evaluating behavior of complex (software) systems. My recent work is focused in the sequential decision-making setting and studies the problem of how machine-learning and AI systems can respond intelligently to unexpected inputs, anomalies, and other forms of novelty in the environment. I am particularly motivated by applications in fraud prevention, cybersecurity, and climate risk assessment.

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