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Fall 2004 Dept. Potluck and LPR Half-Marathon

The LPR (Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics), gradrep, and social-committee sponsored HALF-MARATHON & DEPARTMENT POTLUCK will be held on Saturday, October 2, 2004 at Professor Rod Grupen's house in South Deerfield.
All members of the CS community are invited to either:
  1. Run the 12.7 miles between the department and Rod Grupen's house, OR
  2. Bike the 12.7 miles, OR
  3. Roller blade the 12.7 miles, OR
  4. Discover a new way to traverse 12.7 miles, OR
  5. Put together a relay team to run the 12.7 miles (example: a team of 4, each runs 3.175 miles, passing a hot dog off to the next runner).
  6. Drive to Rod's house and look good next to the staggering and disheveled runners/bikers/roller bladers/others. A map to Rod's house is available here.

    RUNNERS/ROLLERBLADDERS: Meet at 10am in the CS dep't lobby.
    BIKERS: Meet at 11am in the CS dep't lobby.
    FOOD: Will start at approx 12:00, or once the majority or marathoners have stumbled in.

    The sponsoring parties will be supplying a MINIMAL amount of food and eating supplies, but this is a POTLUCK after all, so bring your own food and drinks! Rod has a GINOURMOUS grill, so bring the dead animal or vegetable conglomerate of your choice.

    For those of your driving, Rod's address is:
    18 Crestview Dr, South Deerfield.
    It is not direct to go on the marathon route, so for your driving convenience, the mapquest directions are here
    For everyone NOT driving to Rod's house, try to arrange for a ride back to the department after the picnic is over. If this is not possible, rides will be available to get you back after the picnic.
    Previous years' stats are available here. A rain date has yet to be determined.

    Thanks, and hope to see you all there!
    - LPR, Social Committee, GradReps

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