Emmanuel Cecchet

Senior Research Fellow
I work for the Laboratory for Advanced System Software with Prashant Shenoy (currently working on the NASA REALM project) and the CloudLab Project with Mike Zink.
My research interests are: Operating Systems, Distributed systems, Dependable systems, High Availability, Databases, Virtualization technologies, Networking, Benchmarking and Open source software.

As a hobby, I race cars and I am the president of the Frog Racing foundation. I am working on providing live timing and live telemetry at racing events.

Contact info

My picture University of Massachusetts
Department of Computer Science
140 Governors Drive
Amherst, MA 01003

Office: 313A LGRC Building
Email: cecchet @ cs.umass.edu
Phone: +1 413 575 3787
Fax: +1 413 545 1249


Current labs: LASS with Prashant Shenoy and CloudLab Project with Mike Zink.
Past labs: Advanced Networked Systems Research Group, Commonwealth Center for Forensics & Society with Brian Levine, Computer Networks Research Group with Don Towsley, Casa Project with Mike Zink, Internet Censorship Lab with Phillipa Gill.
My web sites: FrogThinker.org, Frog Racing
LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn public profile
Publications: ResearhcGate Page, DBLP page, LASS publication page
BenchLab project.

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About me

I am a Research Scientist, Software Architect and Open Source activist. 

I received a Ph.D. in Distributed Systems from INPG in 2001. During my postdoc at Rice University, I contributed to DynaServer. I studied the design of scalable and highly available e-business servers and I designed the RUBiS benchmark. After leaving Rice, I led a team at INRIA in France to provide open-source middleware for large scale data servers. I was also Chief Architect of the ObjectWeb consortium and leader of the C-JDBC project. In 2005, I joined Continuent where I served as Chief Architect and Chief Scientific Officer. I lead Continuent.org and the Sequoia project that was the basis for Continuent's High Availability Database product line. I am still providing consulting as an independent activity to companies that need to build Highly Available databases and/or web applications.

At the end of 2006,  I joined EPFL as a research assistant. I worked with both the operating systems and dependable systems laboratories. I joined UMass Amherst as a Senior Research Fellow in July 2008. I also worked for Aster Data Systems from October 2008 to May 2010. I currently work for the Laboratory for Advanced System Software with Prashant Shenoy and for the Commonwealth Center for Forensics & Society with Brian Levine.