Please note that I am now an Adjunct Associate Professor with my primary appointment being at Google where I am a Research Scientist working on the Measurement Lab Project. As such, I will not be accepting new PhD or MS students or independent study requests at this time. If you need to reach me, please use my Google address: firsnamelastname@google.com.

I am an adjunct associate professor of computer science at the University of Massachusetts -- Amherst. My research interests are in the general area of computer networking and network measurement. Specifically, I aim to use insights gained through measurement to improve the security, reliability and performance of networks.

Recently, this has led me to focus on measuring online information controls: censorship, traffic differentiation etc. I'm also interested in understanding the nature of malware threats targeted at civil society organizations and measuring routing security. You can read more about these projects on the Calipr Research Group and ICLab Project Web pages.

My name: My name is commonly mispronounced as Fill-eee-pah. The second 'i' makes a short 'i' sound: Fill-ih-pah (just like Phillip with an 'a' on the end). It is a strange spelling of the common English name "Philippa". My mom chose it because she read that it means "lover of horses" and I spent a large portion of my youth on a farm.

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