• Keynote Talk at the SYSTOR 2013 Conference in Haifa, Israel, held in cooperation with USENIX and the Technion Center of Excellence (TCE) June 2013
  • Keynote Speaker at the 2006 Workshop on Networking in Public Transport
  • Tutorial speaker on "An Overview Network Investigations" at NeFX 2009; Moderator for panel on "Investigations of Mobile Phones" at NeFX 2009
  • Tutorial speaker with Clay Shields on "Anonymous Communication Systems" at ACM Computers and Communications Security (CCS). October 2004
  • Tutorial speaker with Clay Shields at ACM Sigmetrics 2002 on Internet Privacy and Anonymity
  • Panelist at the 2004 workshop on Pervasive Security, Privacy and Trust
  • Lead Speaker in the Panel Session on Network Trustworthiness at the NSF ANIR PI Workshop (January 2003).
  • Panelist at IEEE ICNP 2001: "The end of the end-to-end argument?". Slides

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