CMPSCI 891M: The UMass CMPSCI Theory Seminar

The Theory Seminar is a weekly series of talks of general interest to researchers and students of theoretical computer science. It meets Tuesdays 4-5 p.m. in room 140 of the Computer Science Building, though occasional talks might occur at other times.

It is also a one-credit UMass graduate course, in which each participating student will give one of the presentations.

I am the coordinator for Spring 2012. Talks will be announced to the "seminars" list and will appear on the department's weekly schedule. The schedule below will be updated as needed throughout the term.

The seminar web page for Fall 2009, when I was last the coordinator, is here. It has links to the titles and abstracts of talks from that term.

Schedule for Spring 2012 (very tentative)

Likely speakers not yet scheduled: Ramesh Sitaraman, Dan Stubbs, Cibele Freire, Mark McCartin-Lim

Last modified 6 March 2012