CMPSCI 601: Theory of Computation

Offered through the PEEAS distance learning program

David Mix Barrington

Fall, 2003

This is the home page for the fall 2003 offering of CMPSCI 601. CMPSCI 601 is the graduate core course in the theory of computation and will deal with formal languages, computability, logic, and complexity theory.

This course is being offered only through distance learning by the UMass PEEAS program. Please contact them for any information concerning registration.

Students in the course will be mailed videotapes of the lectures I gave in the Spring 2003 offering of this course. Extensive notes for these lectures are available on the Spring 2003 website. This course was also given by distance learning in summer 2003 and students here may benefit from the problems and solutions posted on the web site for that course. This version of the course will have new homework problems and exam questions.

There will be seven homework assignments, a midterm exam, and a final exam which will determine the grade (35% for best six of seven HW's, 25% midterm, 40% final). See the directory pages linked above for scheduling information.

Announcements (11 December 2003):

Textbooks: First see the textbook notes on the spring 2003 page. It turned out that while the notation of the lecture notes is that of [P], we didn't use [P] all that much and you may or may not want it as a required text. If I assign any homework problems out of [P] I will give their text in full on the web site.

The Sipser book may or may not be useful to you -- it is a very readable treatment of some of the course material.

We will use the LPL book as we did in Spring 2003.

I welcome email questions on the lectures, the homeworks, or any other topics. I will post interesting questions and their answers linked from this page, without identifying the questioner. You may be interested as well in the questions and answers from Spring 2003.

Last modified 11 December 2003