CS691F Programming Languages

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Academic Honesty

You are subject to the university's academic honesty policy and guidelines for classroom civility. You must be familiar with them.


This course is an introduction to the study of programming languages that covers key ideas and techniques that you must understand thoroughly, especially if you're interested in further study or research in this area. The ideas and techniques can be hard to grasp, but are actually quite easy to implement once you realize what to do.

Therefore, to fully grasp the material, you must work alone on all assignments, unless otherwise noted. Feel free to come by office hours, make appoints, or email the instructor with questions.

Deadlines and Extensions

Each assignment precisely specifies the date and time it is due. Typically, the time is midnight before class the next day.

Late assignments are typically not accepted. The lectures are scheduled so that we discuss the assignment immediately after it is due. Late submissions also make it hard for us to hand back graded assignments quickly.

If you must turn an assignment in late, request an extension 24 hours before it is due. You will lose 10% of your grade for every two days it is late. The 10% penalty applies whether you're a minute late or the full two days late. So, don't stay up all night past the deadline. Come to class, see what we discuss, and take the time to make a polished submission.