CS691F Programming Languages

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This course has no formal prerequites. We expect you have mathematical maturity and that you're comfortable programming. Most programming assignments will use (a tiny sliver of) OCaml, and the class will begin with an OCaml tutorial for students who aren't familiar with the language. Some assignments will require you to program in a few other esoteric programming languages. After all, this is a PL course.


There is no required textbook. But, you're responsible for reading the content of the course Web site and for reading all messages posted to the mailing list. These messages will occasional point you to reading material.

Time and Location

Classes are held MWF 11:15AM–12:05PM at Lederle Graduate Research Tower, Room 1234.


Professor Arjun Guha is teaching this class. You can email me at arjun@cs.umass.edu or come by my office: CS Building, Room 230.

Office Hours

Mondays and Tuesdays, 3PM - 4PM at CS Building, Room 230, or by appointment.