CS691F Programming Languages

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Monday, December 2nd

The final assignments are out.

You only need to do one of them. Both assignments are much less prescriptive than the assignments so far. You'll have a lot more room to navigate. The assignments are also lighter PL theory, compared to what we've done so far. But, both require you to learn some new material on your own. You'll either learn how to do concurrent programming with the Async monad in OCaml, or you'll learn enough Scala to build a backtracking-search monad.

Excluding tests and explorations, the solution to the Scala assignment should be about 20 lines of code. The solution to the OCaml assignment may reach 200 lines. This doesn't mean that one is any easier than the other.

Wednesday, November 13th

The C(E)K assignment is out. (Only part 1 is due.)

Monday, October 7th

The type inference assignment is out.

Tuesday, October 1st

The System F assignment is out.

Friday, September 20th

The type checking assignment is out and due in two weeks.

Wednesday, September 4th

  • The course now has a mailing list. You should have received an email from the list announcing the first assignment. If you did not, email me.
  • The first assignment is out and due in a week. It is not graded; in fact, the solutions are all inline. But, take this opportunity to get familiar with OCaml and the other tools that we will be using throughout the course. I'll post submission instructions in a few days.