Yanlei Diao

Department of Computer Science
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Address: Department of Computer Science Room 232
140 Governors Drive
Amherst, MA 01003-9264
Assistant: Rachel Lavery {last-name}@cs.umass.edu

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Funding Sources

We gratefully acknowledge the funding provided by the following agencies:

National Science Foundation

Collaborative Research: ABI Development: A New Platform for Highly-Optimized, Low-Latency Pipelines for Genomic Data Analysis. Yanlei Diao (PI) and Toby Bloom (co-PI). National Science Foundation DBI-1356486. Project web page

III-COR-small: High-Performance Complex Processing of Continuous Uncertain Data. Yanlei Diao (PI) and Anna Liu (co-PI). National Science Foundation IIS-1218524. Project web page

CAREER: Efficient, Robust RFID Stream Processing for Tracking and Monitoring. Yanlei Diao (PI). National Science Foundation IIS-0746939. Project web page

III-COR-small: Capturing Data Uncertainty in High-Volume Stream Processing. Yanlei Diao (PI) and Anna Liu (co-PI). National Science Foundation IIS-0812347. Project web page

MRI: Acquisition of an RFID Testbed Using Renewable Energy for Object Identification and Habitat Monitoring. Kevin Fu (PI), Yanlei Diao (co-PI), Charles Ross, Deepak Ganesan, Wayne Burleson. National Science Foundation CNS-0923313.

NeTS-NOSS: STONES: Storage-centric Networked Embedded Systems. Deepak Ganesan (PI), Yanlei Diao (co-PI), Prashant Shenoy (co-PI). National Science Foundation CNS-0626873. Project web page

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Swift Research Award

Adobe Research Award

Cisco Systems

Google Research

IBM Research

NEC Laboratories

Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center

Advanced Cybersecurity Center

UMass Science & Technology Program