Lab Data for COMPSCI 105

Compressed Archives

© Dr. William T. Verts

In order to use these files, you must have on your system some program for unpacking a .ZIP archive file:

Lab Files

Lab 4
Microsoft Word files in .ZIP compressed archive.

Note: Mac users should grab the Office 2007 formatted file for use with Office 2008 for the Mac, and should grab the Office 2010 formatted file for use with Office 2011 for the Mac.

Lab 7
Microsoft Excel file .ZIP compressed archive.

Note: Macs with Office 2008/2011 will be able to read the Office 2007 format file. However, Mac Office 2008 users will NOT be able to perform lab #7 because Excel 2008 does not support macros, which are required for the assignment. You must either use Excel 2011 on a Mac or Excel 2007/2010 on a Windows PC for this assignment. Also: Windows PC users cannot use the Starter Edition of Excel 2010; you must use the full version of Excel 2010.

Lab 9
Text file to be imported into Microsoft Access in .ZIP compressed archive.

Note: There is no Microsoft Access for the Mac. Sorry, Mac users, you've got to use a PC for this one.

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