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14 August 2020

After 30 years as faculty I have decided to retire, effective 28 August 2020. I was originally hired in 1990 specifically to teach COMPSCI 105, but the need for a course such as this has significantly diminished over the past few years. I will be teaching two courses this semester in a post-retirement appointment, COMPSCI 119 and COMPSCI 120. If something had to go, based on demand and enrollment, it unfortunately had to be 105.

COMPSCI 120 (Problem Solving with the Internet) is largely a follow-on to 105, and covers some of the same material. Also, there has been a LOT of demand for COMPSCI 119 (Introduction to Programming with Python), and that course took priority.

It's been a good gig, but it's time to move on. My apologies to anyone who was looking forward to taking 105.

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