Welcome to the old Swarm Cluster Documentation.

As of Oct 2016, Swarm has been replaced with a new cluster swarm2.cs.umass.edu

Swarm is NSF MRI grant funded Cluster.

The swarm hardware cluster consist of:

  • 76 compute nodes with 8 cores(Xeon 5355 2.66 GHz), 16GB of ram, and 250GB or larger local disk.
  • 39 compute nodes with 4 cores (Xeon 5140 2.33GHz), 8GB of ram and 250GB local disk.
  • 9 nodes with 2 cores (Xeon 3.20GHz), 4GB of ram and 250gb local disk, in a specialized hadoop cluster
  • A 70 TB Cluster file system which includes:
    • 2 Metadata servers each with 8 cores, 16GB of ram, and ~1Tb of shared disk attached between them for Active/Passive failover.
    • 8 I/O nodes with 8 cores, 16GB of ram each with dedicated 20TB of attached disk.

The software consist of:

  • Rocks cluster software (maintenance, package distribution and OS distribution.)
  • Centos Linux 6 (OS)
  • Lustre (Shared cluster file system )
  • Sun Grid engine (Job Scheduling & resource management)

Before usage please read the following Documentation. It may save you time.

  • Policy Documentation This document explains how the resources are shared. Some policy is enforced via software. To make sure that your jobs don't die, please read this documentation.
  • User Documentation This document has quick reference on how to get started using swarm.
  • Library This has links to useful software and ideas on using clusters that may make your work easier.