Laboratory for internet-scale distributed systems


We study foundational scientific principles that enable Internet-based services to be reliable, scalable, secure, high-performance, energy-efficient, and low-cost.  Current research topics include:

  1. Web and Video Content Delivery.

  2. Algorithmic and Theoretical Foundations of Distributed Systems.

  3. Web and Video Performance.

  4. Energy-aware Green Computing.

  5. Networking and Networked Systems.

  6. User Behavior and Economics in the Internet Ecosystem.





I have been fortunate to work with extremely talented graduate students. Here is a list.


  1. Sohaib Ahmad (Doctoral)

  2. Aditya Sundarrajan (Doctoral)

  3. Kevin Spiteri (Doctoral)

  4. Vani Gupta (Doctoral)

  5. Anirudh Sabnis (Doctoral)


  1. Sweetesh Singh (Masters). First position: EMC

  2. Brandon McPhail (Masters)

  3. Michael Sindelar (Masters). First position: Google.

  4. Shashi Singh (Masters). First position: Bloomberg.

  5. Harish Venkataramani (Masters). First position: Google.

  6. Suprakash Datta (Doctoral).  Currently: York University.

  7. Kamal Kumar Kasera (Masters). First position: Goldman Sacks.

  8. Lixin Gao (Doctoral). Currently: UMass (ECE). Sloan Fellow, IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow.

Other Student Collaborators/Mentees:

  1. Dr. Abhigyan Sharma, First position: AT&T Labs Research

  2. Dr. Benjamin Heintz, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

  3. Daniel Berger, University of Kaiserslautern


Research at LIDS spans all aspects of  Internet-scale distributed systems and cloud services, including algorithms, architectures, performance, security, economics, and user behavior.  Our past work helped create content delivery networks and other Internet-scale distributed networks that currently deliver much of the world’s web content, streaming videos, and online applications.