Abhigyan Sharma

Senior Inventive Scientist, AT&T Labs Research

E-mail: [my first name]@research.att.com

I am a researcher at AT&T Labs Research in the CloudQos research group. I recently completed my PhD in Computer Science at UMass Amherst under the fantastic supervision of Arun Venkataramani and Ramesh Sitaraman. I am currently working on cloud computing research related to Network Functions Virtualization.

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  • Abhigyan Sharma, Xiaozheng Tie, Hardeep Uppal, Arun Venkataramani, David Westbrook, Aditya Yadav.
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    SIGCOMM 2014. Paper Slides

  • Abhigyan Sharma, Arun Venkataramani, Antonio A. A. Rocha.
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    COMSNETS 2014. Paper

  • Abhigyan Sharma, Arun Venkataramani, Ramesh Sitaraman.
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  • Arun Venkataramani, Abhigyan Sharma, Xiaozheng Tie, David Westbrook, Hardeep Uppal and Jim Kurose, Dipankar Raychaudhuri.
    Design Guidelines for a Global Name Service for a Mobility-Centric, Trustworthy Internetwork.
    COMSNETS 2013 (Invited paper). Paper

  • Abhigyan Sharma, Aditya Mishra, Vikas Kumar, Arun Venkataramani.
    Beyond MLU: An Application Centric Comparison of Traffic Engineering Schemes.
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  • Abhigyan, Joydeep Chandra, Niloy Ganguly.
    A Bandwidth-aware Topology Generation Mechanism for Peer-to-Peer based Publish-Subscribe Systems.
    ICIIS 2008. Paper

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