Puxuan Yu, 余璞轩

Puxuan Yu

Hi there! I am a Ph.D. candidate from the CIIR and CICS at UMass Amherst. I am advised by James Allan and Negin Rahimi. I obtained my bachelor's degree from Wuhan University in 2018.

My research focus revolves around the intersection of information retrieval (IR) and natural language processing (NLP). I am interested in applying NLP approaches to various IR tasks, including entity retrieval and ad-hoc retrieval (ranking, diversification, dense retrieval, sparse retrieval, and multilingual retrieval). Currently, my thesis explores the "explanation" factor of search systems.

Recent Updates


Explain then Rank: Scale Calibration of Neural Rankers via Natural Language Explanations from Large Language Models.
Puxuan Yu, Daniel Cohen, Hemank Lamba, Joel Tetreault, Alex Jaimes.
[Text: arXiv]

Improved Learned Sparse Retrieval with Corpus-specific Vocabularies.
Puxuan Yu, Antonio Mallia, Matthias Petri.
ECIR 2024, full paper.
[Text: arXiv]

Search Result Diversification Using Query Aspects as Bottlenecks.
Puxuan Yu, Negin Rahimi, Zhiqi Huang, James Allan.
CIKM 2023, full paper.
[Text: CIIR / ACM]

Improving Cross-lingual Information Retrieval on Low-Resource Languages via Optimal Transport Distillation.
Zhiqi Huang, Puxuan Yu, James Allan.
WSDM 2023, full paper.
[Text: CIIR / ACM]

Towards Explainable Search Results: A Listwise Explanation Generator.
Puxuan Yu, Negin Rahimi, James Allan.
SIGIR 2022, full paper.
[Text: CIIR / ACM][Github]

AutoName: A Corpus-Based Set Naming Framework.
Zhiqi Huang, Negin Rahimi, Puxuan Yu, Jingbo Shang, James Allan.
SIGIR 2021, short paper.
[Text: ACM]

Cross-lingual Language Model Pretraining for Retrieval.
Puxuan Yu, Hongliang Fei, Ping Li.
TheWebConf 2021, full paper.
[Text: CIIR / ACM][Github]

Learning to Rank Entities for Set Expansion from Unstructured Data.
Puxuan Yu, Negin Rahimi, Zhiqi Huang, James Allan.
ICTIR 2020, full paper.
[Text: CIIR / ACM][Slides]

A Study of Neural Matching Models for Cross-lingual IR.
Puxuan Yu, James Allan.
SIGIR 2020, short paper.
[Text: arXiv / ACM][Slides]

Corpus-based Set Expansion with Lexical Features and Distributed Representations.
Puxuan Yu, Zhiqi Huang, Negin Rahimi, James Allan.
SIGIR 2019, short paper.
[Text: CIIR / ACM][Github]

Hide-n-Seek: An Intent-aware Privacy Protection Plugin for Personalized Web Search.
Puxuan Yu, Wasi Ahmed, Hongning Wang.
SIGIR 2018, demo paper.
[Text: ACM]

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