Puxuan Yu (余璞轩)

Puxuan Yu

Hi there! I am a 5th-year MS/Ph.D. student from the CIIR and CICS at UMass Amherst. I am advised by James Allan. I obtained my bachelor's degree from Wuhan University in 2018.

My current research interest is to improve the information organization of user interfaces and enhance the interpretability of text search systems. The goal is that search engine users could easily understand the decision-making process of IR systems in various aspects, such as relevance and diversity.


Improving Cross-lingual Information Retrieval on Low-Resource Languages via Optimal Transport Distillation.
Zhiqi Huang, Puxuan Yu, James Allan.
WSDM 2023, full paper. [To appear]

Towards Explainable Search Results: A Listwise Explanation Generator.
Puxuan Yu, Negin Rahimi, James Allan.
SIGIR 2022, full paper. [preprint][paper][data]

AutoName: A Corpus-Based Set Naming Framework.
Zhiqi Huang, Negin Rahimi, Puxuan Yu, Jingbo Shang, James Allan.
SIGIR 2021, short paper. [paper]

Cross-lingual Language Model Pretraining for Retrieval.
Puxuan Yu, Hongliang Fei, Ping Li.
TheWebConf 2021, full paper. [paper][code]

Learning to Rank Entities for Set Expansion from Unstructured Data.
Puxuan Yu, Negin Rahimi, Zhiqi Huang, James Allan.
ICTIR 2020, full paper. [slides][paper]

A Study of Neural Matching Models for Cross-lingual IR.
Puxuan Yu, James Allan.
SIGIR 2020, short paper. [slides][paper][arxiv]

Corpus-based Set Expansion with Lexical Features and Distributed Representations.
Puxuan Yu, Zhiqi Huang, Negin Rahimi, James Allan.
SIGIR 2019, short paper. [paper][code]

Hide-n-Seek: An Intent-aware Privacy Protection Plugin for Personalized Web Search.
Puxuan Yu, Wasi Ahmed, Hongning Wang.
SIGIR 2018, demo paper. [paper]

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