CSE 592 - Internet Measurement (Fall 2013)

Instructor: Phillipa Gill
Time: MW 4-5:20
Location: Frey Hall Rm. 222 New location: Computer Science Rm. 2313A
Web forum: This term we will be using Piazza as a Web forum. Rather than emailing questions, I encourage you to post your questions on Piazza. Piazza also is a useful tool for finding partners for presentations and the course project. If you have any problems or feedback for the developers, email team@piazza.com. Find our class page at: https://piazza.com/stonybrook/fall2013/cse592/home



This course will cover tools and techniques for measuring different facets of the Internet, ranging from application to network layer measurements. The course will center around readings of foundational and cutting edge research papers in the area of network measurement. By the end of the course, students will be well equipped to read and evaluate network measurement research and engage in research in this topic area.


There is no required textbook for the course, but the following may be a useful reference:


The course will assume basic familiarity with networking protocols (e.g., TCP, HTTP). The material is appropriate for students that have previously taken the graduate networking course, or equivalent.



8/26/2013 Phillipa Administravia + Introduction Note: It is not required to summarize these papers. They are meant as a useful resource as you read other papers in the course.
8/28/2013 Phillipa Internet Topology (review of Internet routing + paper discussion) *Action item:*
  • Send me a URL of your blog by end of the day.
Data sets and tools:
9/2/2013 Labor day
9/4/2013 Tzu-Wen Internet Topology Optional:
9/9/2013 Internet Topology (Internet eXchange Points) Data sets/URLs:
9/11/2013 Improvements to Traceroute Data sets: Optional:
9/16/2013 Haseeb Transport Layer
9/18/2013 Reliability (Edge networks) Interesting URL: Optional
9/23/2013 Reliability (Backbone/ISP networks) *Action item*:
  • Project proposal due
9/25/2013 Reliability (End-to-end)
9/30/2013 Class Project elevator pitches
10/2/2013 Web workload characterization I Data sets: Optional:
10/7/2013 User Generated Content Optional:
10/9/2013 James Online Social Networks Optional:
10/14/2013 Dung Fang Web workload characterization II
10/16/2013 Peer-to-peer
10/21/2013 Abbas Mobile (Provider's view) Data sets:
10/23/2013 Phillipa traveling
10/28/2013 Class Midterm project updatesMidterm report due
10/30/2013 Javad and Abbas Mobile (From the edge)
11/4/2013 Broadband Optional:
11/6/2013 Broadband
11/11/2013 Internet Censorship/Transparency
11/13/2013 Tzu-Wen Internet Censorship/Transparency Optional:
11/18/2013 Security (Prefix hijacks)
11/20/2013 Security
11/25/2013 Data centers
11/27/2013 Thanksgiving
12/2/2013 Class Project presentations
12/4/2013 Class Project presentations
12/4/2013 N/A No classProject report due at end of day.


Students will be expected to sign up to present at least twice during the course of the term. Students should partner up and select a lecture where the pair will present the two assigned readings. You do not need the same partner for both presentations. Since the class size is small, the presentations will be individual. The presentation should be 40 minutes and cover the following points:

You are encouraged to consider the questions raised in this paper to aid in your critical analysis of the assigned readings. Students are encouraged to optionally send a draft of their slides or set up a brief meeting for feedback before their first presentation.


Each class we will discuss the assigned reading. Students are expected to actively participate in discussion of the papers. Bonus participation marks may be awarded for students who maintain blog entries summarizing the in class discussions.

Paper summaries/Course blog

During the course you will be expected to maintain a blog (does not need to be public, but I will need the URL and access to it). For each paper that is required reading you will be expected to post a blog entry summarizing the paper. Summaries are due prior to the start of the lesson where the paper is discussed. Repeatedly posting after the lecture and discussion have taken place will result in a reduction of marks.

You are encouraged to discuss the papers as you read them with your colleagues but your review must be written independently. Do not look at reviews from other classes that may be available on the Web. Your review should clearly address the following points:


Students are expected to undertake a semester long project related to material presented in the course. You are encouraged to work with a partner on the project. A list of potential topics is available on the Piazza site or students may come up with their own project. Milestones for the project are: