CSE 523/524 - MS Project (General Information)

Instructor: Phillipa Gill

Information: I will advise a limited number of Master's projects each semester. If you are interested in working with me on a project, please read some of my recent papers and send me a copy of your CV and transcripts from Stony Brook University. We can then set up a time to meet to discuss potential project topics.

My research generally involves various topics in Internet measurement. Topics may involve helping to implement systems for performing measurements (e.g., Internet Censorship Lab) or designing and using novel measurement techniques to study various aspects of the Internet (e.g., routing, Internet censorship). If you have a specific project in mind, related to my research area, feel free to suggest it.

Prerequisites: The best way to find out if I would be a good fit to advise your MS project is to take one of my courses prior to approaching me to advise your project. I understand that this might not always be possible (e.g., first term students). Exceptions may be made for students with prior experience in the field. Do not register for CSE523 or 524 without my written approval first.ΓΈ