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Michelle Trim

CICS Teaching Faculty | Senior Lecturer II

Informatics Associate Program Director and CICS Junior Year Writing (JYW) Director


CV: Online


Phone: (413) 545-4450

Office: LGRC A347

Current Courses

INFO 101: Introduction to Informatics

As in introduction to informatics, this class presents some of the foundational "Big Ideas" in computing (CS Principles): abstraction, data, algorithms, creativity, programming, the web and global impact. This class provides an introduction to those ideas and considers some of the ways that those computing principles might be used to solve real world problems. Computer-based assignments are an integral part of this course but no programming knowledge or prior programming experience is expected or required. (Fall only)

CICS 305: Social Issues in Computing

Through a careful analysis and discussion of a range of current computing issues, topics, and polices, we will explore various impacts of computers on modern society. This class satisfies the Junior Year Writing requirement by providing directed practice and specific instruction in writing through a range of writing genres. Students will learn rhetorical strategies with an emphasis on audience and writing with concision and precision, producing approximately 20-25 pages of polished written work over the course of the semester.

CS 508: Ethical Considerations in Computing

This course considers an array of ethical issues in computing. Readings, class discussions, and guest speakers will cover topics related to avenues of development in artificial intelligence, privacy, identity, inclusiveness, environmental responsibility, internet censorship, network policy, intellectual property and others. Course material will include critical theories of gender, race, language, and power alongside and overview of different ethical philosophies. All examples will be drawn from current and recent events with readings from a range of sources both journalistic and academic. Course assignments will have real world applications. Class presentations and discussions will be a vibrant component of the course. (Spring only)