Compsci 590E

Ethical Considerations in Computing

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Compsci 590E explores some of the current ethical considerations in computing. This is a graduate/MS-level course that assumes no prior exposure to studying ethics in the university. There are many ways of thinking about ethics. This course is designed using texts and ideas from critical theory, philosophy, and interdisciplinary writers working at the intersections of STEM and ethical reasoning. The goal of this course is not to present one ethic or one way of making ethical decisions. Instead, the intention is to equip students with a better understanding of what questions to ask when confronted with an ethical dilemma and of some ways of thinking about different kinds of ethical situations based on engagement with different ethical philosophies/systems.


Ethical Code Assignment

This assignment asks you to create a code of ethics for a device, technology, program, protocol, or other computing innovation/invention. The idea is to conceptualize the guidelines that technology should use in order to maintain an ethical relationship with humans.

Ted Talk Assignment

Like Ted Talks, this 5-6 minute presentation assignment asks students to provide a specific 'take' on a particular issue. Scheduled at the end of the semester, the Ted Talk presentation is loosely based on students' Ethics Issue Paper, which is typically underway by midterms.