Andrew McGregor

Associate Professor

Welcome to the Spring 2020 homepage for CMPSCI 690RA.

  • Instructor:
  • Lectures:
    • Tuesday and Thursday, 10am to 11:15 pm in CMPS 140.

  • Course Description:
    • An introduction to some more advanced algorithmic topics with a focus on randomization and probabilistic techniques. Topics will include the probabilistic method; tail inequalities; entropy and information; random walks; derandomization and limited independence. Applications to online algorithms; approximation and combinatorial optimization; data-stream computation; and communication theory will be discussed as time permits. Prerequisite is CMPSCI 514 or 611 or equivalent.

  • Textbook: We will use material from the following books:
    • Randomized Algorithms, Motwani and Raghavan (Required)
    • Probability and Computing, Mitzenmacher and Upfal (Useful)

  • Lecture Slides:
  • Homeworks and Exams: