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Selected Upcoming & Past Talks

  • MCMC in Probabilistic Databases and Cluster Computing
    NIPS Workshop on Monte Carlo Methods for Bayesian Inference in Modern Day Applications, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.  December 10, 2010.
  • Probabilistic Programming and Probabilistic Databases with Imperatively-defined Factor Graphs
    UT Austin, Departmental Seminar, Austin Texas, October 2010.  (pdf)
  • Probabilistic Programming
    Google Research, Mountain View, CA.  August 2010.
  • MCMC Inference Inside the DB for Extraction, Resolution, Alignment, Provenance and Queries
    First International Workshop on Automated Knowledge Base Construction (AKBC), May 2010.
  • Discovering Patterns in Text and Relational Data with Bayesian Latent-Variable Models
    Data-Intensive Research Workshop, Edinburgh, Scotland.  March 18 2010.
  • Inference and Learning in Large-scale Relational Conditional Random Fields
    PASCAL European Network of Excellence Strategy Meeting.  March 16 2010.
  • FACTORIE: Probabilistic Programming via Imperatively Defined Factor Graphs
    Paris Workshop, March 2010.
  • Information Extraction, Information Integration and Joint Inference
    NAACL/HLT Invited Talk, 2009.
  • Injecting Prior Domain Knowledge into Machine Learning
    Carnegie Mellon University, 2008.
  • Information Extraction, Data Mining and Joint Inference
    UC Irvine Distinguished Lecture Series, 2008.
  • Bayesian Models of Social Networks and Text with Application to Political, Legal and Bibliometric Data
    Kennedy School of Government, 2007.
  • Accurate, Automated Citation Extraction and Reference Linking with Conditional Random Fields
    National Library of Medicine, 2005.
  • Information Extraction, Social Network Analysis and Joint Inference
    Stanford University, 2005.