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UMass ML Seminar

Activities and Events

With Sheila Tejada and Dallan Quass, I co-organized the IJCAI'2003 workshop titled Data Cleaning, Record Linkage and Object Consolidation.

I gave a tutorial at the KDD-2003 conference with William Cohen entitled "Information Extraction from the World Wide Web". You can download the tutorial slides. We gave an earlier version of the tutorial at Neural Information Processing Systems conference (NIPS*2002).

With Lillian Lee, Tony Jebara and Kamal Nigam, I co-organized the IJCAI'2001 workshop titled Text Learning: Beyond Supervision.

With Thorsten Joachims, Mehran Sahami and Lyle Ungar, I co-organized a IJCAI-99 workshop on Machine Learning for Information Filtering.

With Rich Caurana, Virginia de Sa and Michael Kearns, I co-organized a NIPS*98 workshop on "Integrating Supervised and Unsupervised Learning".

With Mehran Sahami, Mark Craven and Thorsten Joachims I co-organized a ICML/AAAI-98 workshop on Learning for Text Categorization.