x Sridhar Mahadevan

Sridhar Mahadevan


Research Professor

Director, Adobe Research

Fellow of AAAI

Co-Director, Autonomous Learning Laboratory

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence

Applied Category Theory

Machine Learning


firstname.i.lastname AT gmail

Administrative Assistant: Sarah Byrne

I am currently a Research Professor at the Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences, and a Director at Adobe Research in the San Francisco Bay Area. At Adobe, I lead a team of interdisciplinary researchers in generative AI, machine learning, causal inference, graph data mining, statistics, and theoretical CS. My current research involves developing a mathematical framework for (generative) AI using higher-order category theory. I am currently working on two books that are intended to introduce AI researchers to (higher-order) category theory. I am including below links to early drafts of the two books. Please note that these drafts represent research in progress. There may be significant errors and omissions. The drafts will be periodically updated.

Universal Imitation Games (forthcoming book, draft: Feb 17 2024)

GAIA: Categorical Foundations of Generative AI (forthcoming book, draft: Feb 17 2024)