x Sridhar Mahadevan

Sridhar Mahadevan


Research Professor

Director, Adobe Research

Fellow of AAAI

Co-Director, Autonomous Learning Laboratory

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence

Applied Category Theory

Machine Learning


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Administrative Assistant: Sarah Byrne

I am currently a Research Professor at the Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences, and a Director at Adobe Research in the San Francisco Bay Area. At Adobe, I lead a team of interdisciplinary researchers in generative AI, machine learning, causal inference, graph data mining, statistics, and theoretical CS. My current research involves developing a new framework for universal AI, which applies category theory to artificial general intelligence (AGI).

My Academic Genealogy

Selected Preprints and Invited Talks

Sridhar Mahadevan, Universal Causality, Entropy, vol. 25, Number 4, March 2023. (also published as part of a special issue on Causal Inference for Heterogeneous Data and Information Theory in book format freely downloadable at https://www.mdpi.com/books/book/7572)

Sridhar Mahadevan, Universal Representations for AI, Invited Talk, Department of Computer Science, Oregon State University, September 23rd, 2022

Sridhar Mahadevan, Unifying Causal Inference and Reinforcement Learning using Higher-order Category Theory, Arxiv, September 2022

Sridhar Mahadevan, Categoroids: Universal Conditional Independence, Arxiv, July 2022

Sridhar Mahadevan, Universal Decision Models , Invited Talk, Indian Institute of Science, October 23rd, 2021

Sridhar Mahadevan, Universal Decision Models, Arxiv, 2021

Sridhar Mahadevan, Causal Homotopy, Arxiv, 2021.