Comp. Sci. 513 Study Guide for Midterm Fall, 2017

The midterm test will be in class on Monday, 10/23/17.

The test is closed book and closed notes. This is because I want you to understand the material beforehand. I expect you to know certain definitions cold such as what Γ ϕ and what Γ ϕ mean.

I will put a crib sheet on the last page of the exam containing some information that you should know but don't need to memorize. I will put up a draft of the midterm crib sheet in a few days. Please feel free to email me suggestions that you would like to see there and I'll post the final version on Friday, Oct. 20.

To study for the test, I urge you to do the following:

  1. Go over the three homeworks, and their model solutions, making sure that you now understand all of these! (Model solutions for hw3 will be posted this Friday.)
  2. Go over your lecture notes and the scribe notes, handouts and readings for lectures 1 through 11, making sure that you now understand these. I will emphasize the material that you've already handed in homework about.
  3. Relax and get a good night's sleep on Sunday night.

I try hard to make my exams like my problem sets only simpler because they are closed book and there is a time limit. The full class period should be enough for most of you to comfortably finish this exam. If you want to come five minutes early and stay five minutes late, that's fine.

I encourage you to ask questions on Piazza as you consolidate your knowledge while studying for the midterm.