Helia Hashemi

I'm Helia Hashemi, a final-year PhD student working with W. Bruce Croft in the Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I am a Bloomberg Data Science PhD Fellow since 2021. During my PhD, I've done Research Internships at Bloomberg AI, Google AI, Microsoft Semantic Machines, and Spotify Research. I have received a Graduate Scholarship from UMass and a Best Short Paper Honorable Mention from ICTIR 2019.

In a broad sense, my research interests lie in the areas of Information Retrieval (IR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML). My work has led to a number of novel retrieval-augmented representation learning approaches for various real-world applications, such as conversational search (SIGIR 2020), web search (CIKM 2021), and text set generation (CIKM 2022). I have also worked on non-factoid question answering (ICTIR 2019, ECIR 2020, ICTIR 2021) and podcast search (KDD 2021, SIGIR 2021).

Email: hhashemi@cs.umass.edu


Stochastic Optimization of Text Set Generation for Learning Multiple Query Intent Representations
H. Hashemi, H. Zamani, and W. B. Croft.
CIKM 2022

Learning Multiple Intent Representations for Search Queries.
H. Hashemi, H. Zamani, and W. B. Croft.
CIKM 2021

Passage Similarity and Diversification in Non-factoid Question Answering.
L. Vikraman, A. Montazeralghaem, H. Hashemi, W. B. Croft, and J. Allan.
ICTIR 2021

Neural Instant Search for Music and Podcast.
H. Hashemi, A. Pappu, M. Tian, P. Chandar, M. Lalmas, and B. Carterette.
KDD 2021

Current Challenges and Future Directions in Podcast Information Access.
R. Jones, H. Zamani, M. Schedl, C. Chen, S. Reddy, A. Clifton, J. Karlgren, H. Hashemi, A. Pappu, Z. Nazari, L. Yang, O. Semerci, H. Bouchard, and B. Carterette.

SIGIR 2021

Guided Transformer: Leveraging Multiple External Sources for Representation Learning in Conversational Search.
H. Hashemi, H. Zamani, and W. B. Croft.
SIGIR 2020

ANTIQUE: A Non-Factoid Question Answering Benchmark.
H. Hashemi, M. Aliannejadi, H. Zamani, and W. B. Croft.
ECIR 2020

UMass at the TREC 2019 Conversational Assistance Track.
H. Hashemi and W. B. Croft.
TREC 2019

Performance Prediction for Non-Factoid Question Answering.
H. Hashemi, H. Zamani, and W. B. Croft.
ICTIR 2019, Best Short Paper Honorable Mention Award.

Academic Services

  1. Program Committee Member for SIGIR 2022, SIGIR 2021, CIKM 2022, CIKM 2021, ECIR 2021, ECIR 2020, and MICROS Workshop @ ECIR 2021.
  2. Reviewer for ECIR 2019.