CS691CS: Crowdsourcing - Opportunities & Challenges
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Schedule of Classes
NOTE: This is a tentative schedule and subject to change as the course proceeds.




Note: The ones marked in bold are required reading
9/13/10 Invited Talk: Nathan Eagle, TxtEagle/MIT
9/20/10 TurKit, Google Trends, GWAP, Crowdworkers
9/27/10 MoVi, NeriCell, GreenGPS, cSense, ParticipatorySensing
10/4/10 Invited Talk: Arvind Thiagarajan, MIT Coop, DarwinPhones, CommonSense
10/12/10 (Tuesday on Monday Schedule)
Invited Talk: Jordan Boyd-Graber, UMD
[Transitivity], [ActiveLearning], [Far-sighted-ActiveLearning], [Cost-Sensitive-Learning]
10/18/10 Invited Talk: Chris Callison-Burch, JHU [StatisticalMachineTranslation], [TaskCN], [TopCoder]
10/25/10 Invited talk: John Horton, Harvard [LaborEconomics] [CrowdSearch], [FoldIt], [PhotoCity]
11/1/10 No Class
11/8/10 Invited talk: Rob Baker, Ushahidi [SMSHaiti]
11/9/10 Invited talk: Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis, NYU [Get-Another-Label]
11/15/10 Invited Talk: Shaili Jain, Yale/Harvard [Incentives-QA], [Friendsourcing], [Gloe]
11/22/10 Remote talk: Murat Demirbas, UBuffalo [CrowdTwitter], [Earthquake-Twitter]
11/29/10 Invited Talk: Raghu Ganti, IBM T.J. Watson [PoolView], [GPS-Privacy], [TaintDroid]
12/6/10 [DARPA Grand Challenge], [CEM], [Data-Vault], [Epidemiology], [Did-You-See-Bob], [SoundSense]