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Homework assignments

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Course topics outline



Make sure to reload this page to ensure you’re seeing the latest version. Readings should be done before the indicated class. The main textbook is available free online:

Tue 9/5: Introduction

Thu 9/7: class cancelled

Tue 9/12: Words and regular expressions

Thu 9/14 N-gram language models (annotated)

Tue 9/19: Naive Bayes and Text Classification

Thu 9/21: Logistic Regression Classification (annotated)

Tue 9/26: Datasets and Annotation (annotated)

Thu 9/28: Classification Evaluation (annotated)

Tue 10/3: Text Data Collection (annotated)

Thu 10/5: Final project overview

Tue 10/10: no class

Thu 10/12: Tagging (POS, NER) (annotated)

Tue 10/17: Context-Free Grammars (CFG) (annotated)

Thu 10/19: Constituency Parsing (annotated)

Tue 10/24: Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars (PCFG) (annotated)

Thu 10/26: Dependency Syntax (annotated)

Tue 10/31: Word embeddings

Thu 11/2: Word embeddings / Midterm review

Tue 11/7: In-class midterm

Thu 11/9: No class

Tue 11/14: Neural networks in NLP

Thu 11/16: Transformers and BERT

Tue 11/21: Statistics: Is my experimental result just a fluke?

Thu 11/23: no class

Tue 11/28, Thu 11/30: Generative Large Language Models

Some resources:

Note HW4 is due this weekend (link on top of page).

Tue 12/5, Thu 12/7: Final presentations

Final project reports are due by the last day of the final exam period (Dec 15; see project page). Late days cannot be used.