CCC 2004: 19th IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity

UMass from Hadley

University of Massachusetts

Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

21-24 June, 2004

This is the local arrangements page for CCC 2004, to be held 21-24 June on the campus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The local arrangements chairs are David Mix Barrington and Neil Immerman of the UMass Amherst Computer Science Department.


The detailed program is available here. Highlights:


On-line registration is now available through through UMass Conference Services. The late fee is now in effect. Shelley Gibbons of Conference Services is the point person for registration questions.

Once you arrive at UMass, you may register in person at the reception (Sunday 7:00-9:00 p.m.), at the Monday morning session (7:30-9:30 a.m.), or any weekday 8:30-5:30 at the Conference Services office on the ninth floor of the Campus Center.


This conference is sponsored by the the IEEE Computer Society through its Technical Committee on Mathematical Foundations of Computing.

Program Committee:

The list of accepted papers is now available.

The committee consisted of Eric Allender, Richard Beigel, Al Borodin, Shafi Goldwasser, Russell Impagliazzo (Chair), Subhash Khot, Steven Rudich, Chris Umans and Avi Wigderson. This was the call for papers. Submissions were electronic, handled by this server.

Conference Committee

General information about the scope of the conference can be found here on the conference home page. Lance Fortnow, the current chair of the organizing committee for the conference, maintains a weblog about computational complexity that also has a number of useful links about the field.

Campus Locations:

This PDF-format map of the UMass campus shows the various locations where events will take place:

In the Tradition of Dagstuhl:

On Tuesday afternoon we will have an excursion to Mt. Holyoke State Park, about six miles south of UMass. We will provide bus transportation (to the Notch Visitors center, marked by a star on the map), water, and a copy of this trail map with a long and a short suggested hike. The long one goes to the summit of Mt. Norwottuck, with excellent views of the Pioneer Valley, and to the Horse Caves, a hideout for local farmer Daniel Shays in his unsuccessful rebellion against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1787.

Location and Travel Information:

Amherst is in western Masachusetts, about eighty miles west of Boston. From within North America the best choice is usually Bradley Airport in northern Connecticut, serving Hartford and Springfield and about an hour's drive from Amherst. Travelers from Europe will probably find it much easier to fly to Logan Airport in Boston, about two hour's drive from Amherst.

The most convenient way from either airport to Amherst is probably to rent a car from any of the major services. The events are all within walking distance of each other and of the restaurants in the center of Amherst, but there are places in Amherst and the surrounding Pioneer Valley that one might well want to drive to.

Driving to UMass:

Driving directions to the campus are given here. Since the bridge construction is nearly complete and the students have gone home, there should be no problem using Exit 19 from I-91. From Bradley airport you will approach from the south on I-91, and from Logan airport you will approach from the east on I-90. (The new Ted Williams Tunnel gets you directly from Logan onto I-90.)

I should improve some on the official directions' "follow signs to UMass". The directions get you onto route 116, which has an exit dedicated to the university. From this exit go east at the end of the ramp (this is a right turn if you were coming from route 9, the most common case). You are now on Massachusetts Avenue. At your first light (B6 on the map) turn left onto Commonwealth Avenue. At the next light (B3), with a large indoor stadium on your left, turn right onto Campus Center Way and the parking garage. (Or continue and park on lot 25 on your left if you want to walk across campus.)


Getting Here Without a Car:

Conference Logistics

Rooms will be available at the Campus Center Hotel on the UMass campus, only a few minutes walk from the lecture hall. Alternate housing will be available in Knowlton dormitories for the budget-conscious, and in nearby commercial lodgings.

The Sunday night reception (20 June) and the business meeting (22 June) will be on campus, on the tenth floor of the Campus Center. Lunches will also be on the tenth floor of the Campus Center. The banquet will be at the Lord Jeffery Inn in downtown Amherst, a little more than a mile from the Campus Center.


There are many fine restaurants available in Amherst and nearby Northampton for dinners. If you are here before the conference, the Taste of Amherst festival on the town common (intersection of routes 9 and 116-south) offers samplings from Amherst restaurants. The festival is 4:00-9:30 Thursday 17 June, 11:00-10:00 Friday and Saturday, and noon-5:00 Sunday.

I have compiled an annotated list of some restaurants in Amherst and vicinity.


Here are some amateur photos of UMass and Amherst, including sites specific to the conference. This page may take a while to load.

This site has a "virtual walking tour" of downtown Amherst, with photos of buildings of historical and architectural interest.

Last modified 15 June 2004